It's necessary to teach them when and how to tell lies.


The Honesty of Children

By Elton Camp

To minimize contact with others you better try
Until you have explained to your kid how to lie

He’ll tell your aunt, “Dad says you’re ugly and fat
Before you have time to tell him he has to scat

The boss calls when you’re pretending to be ill
There’s a good chance that the beans he’ll spill

If he says a vile curse word in front of your Mom
It’s likely he’ll say ‘twas you he learned it from

He sees a woman in the store who weighs a ton
He’ll call her fat before you can grab him & run

If to the preacher, you child should say a peep
It’ll be to say during the sermon you were asleep

So a big part of making our children seem civilized
Is teaching them how and when they should tell lies



Submitted: March 25, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Elton Camp. All rights reserved.

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