Are you shining, or are you burning out?

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Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011



Oh, my lonely sun

what makes you shine so bright?

If you were allowed, would you run?

I couldn't live without yout light

but you must get so lonely

not a star to shine with you

light so bright has to be light so phoney

Oh, lonely, lonely sun, how do you do?

Do you ever want to share the spotlight?

Do you ever want to be lower so we can follow?

Does it feel wrong to be so right?

You shine too bright to tell if your hollow

The moon shines with the stars

we can marvel at it

but lonely, lonely sun, your just too far

Do you hide behind the clouds when it makes you sick?

Oh, but lonely, lonely sun you never cry

the clouds have to cry for you

please don't blow a fuse and die

so envious of the moon

the thunder is your anger

and maybe your sunlight is hatred

We hide from it and you become madder

Whishing that we could of just waited

to figure out you just want our attention

Or maybe your scared to come back down

fearing your hopeful intention

Oh, lonely lonely sun, but you still have to make a sound

Oh, lonely, phoney sun

your going to burn out

But when your at the top there nowhere higher to run

all alone with your doubt

Oh, lonely, phoney sun only alone

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