Don't worry, I'm just hanging

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Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011



What wouold you do if you were the only one holding on?

If everyone else has given up?

Would you follow?

Would you fall-oh?

Everyday you smile tryiing  you work it out

but everyday they're losing their minds

They make it worse till they see you flinch

So now your isolated again and you can't pretend you don't mind

Do you follow?

Do you fall-oh?

The string your holding onto can't possibly strech anymore

They're standing there with fake smiles and scissors

You hesitate to shake your head

Desperation is getting lonely and they just want you to kiss her


Your getting tired of hanging on

They suggest you hand from your neck

"Your as unsinkable as the Titanic" they sing

Fully knowing that it became a wreck

Will you follow?

Will you fall-oh?

You smile and say its going to be awhile

They laugh cuz they'll just wait for too late

Snap! Your string just broke

and they promise you its fate

You follow

You fall-oh

Applause accompanies this awaited scene

and your frantically reaching for something

You scream and they don't understand what you mean

You whisper your secret, a forever promise

Your coming back to push them off

Such a pretty face will be hanged by such a pretty lace

So you fall-oh and your a mess

but your not dead

laugh it up cuz they don't believe what you have said


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