Find A Reason And Repeat It

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If life gets long, then find a reason and repeat it. Its the only way I know, to go on with the show.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Find a reason and repeat it

There is nothing to say and nothing to admit

Just find that reason and repeat it

And then life will only hurt a bit

Life gets hard and life gets long

But turns to short as it was all along

It won't ever all come along

So stand up strong and forget what's wrong

I don't know another way

To make it last past this day

So if you want to make it atleast okay

Then don't take out your problems just to weigh

We are all lonely

Do not believe you are the one and only

So feel sadness in name only

And hold the smiles very closely

Do not give up

When you think it is enough

Becuase we all know life gets tough

But eventually you find its just a bluff

It doesn't get easy

But I bet you would miss me

Soon to become woth it

So please do not quit

I am not stronge

Or made to last long

But if somethingt goes wrong

I scrape along

And find a reason

And repeat it

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