Inside My Wall

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There is a lady in my wall
And a man too
I hear them all night

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012




There’s a lady in my wall

I think she’s lonely

And when there’s no one around

I sit and listen

She stomps around

And pounds the wall

There’s a man too

In my wall

He chases the lady

I imagine he’s tall

No features

But a shadow

And when I hear the bump

She is asking me to let her out

And when I hear the stomp

He is close behind

Sometime I put my hand on the wall

And tell her my secrets

It’s a guilty pleasure

To speak to her

When all she can do is listen

She won’t tell anyone

Unless she gets out

But the man is close behind

And then she is gone again

Sometimes I hear her drag her nails

She is restless

And hopeless

And insane

She smiles in the dark

Just to act brave

She stomps

To be loud

But the man is close

And then she is a mouse

And she is afraid

I hear them all night

In my lonely house

Should I let them out?

No, not both

Because then

One will run

And the other chase

Out here too

Maybe the man too

Wants to get out

Maybe he chases her

Just for something to do

But behind this peeling wall

Of dots and stains

I write here lays

The man

And lady too

Because when I leave

Will anyone know they are there

Will they too hear

The sound of wanting escape

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