It's a Grand World

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This is actually lyrics to a fictional band of a novel I'm working on, Hiding Before Lunchtime. Just thought I'd put it out there.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



You think that I don’t know

That I will be alone if you say

That the world only works in grey

Right or wrong who cares anymore

Not fun when you have to grow up

Those friends of yours will die

They will be gone so soon

Too soon to realize that you are alone

There are no happy endings

You’ll just have to settle

Can I blame you for lying so sweetly

Dear, you said, the world is grand

Every day, Sunday, you did this all day

Told me that the world was easy if you

Were a picture perfect person

Well now I have bills to pay

And my phone hasn’t made a sound all day

Friends forever, how did you keep a straight face

Why did you not say

They will be gone

They won’t stay so long

I could be whatever I wanted

What a laugh

Did it hurt to see that little girl sing

Without a voice

See her sing

Without a voice to please

Oh please, don’t lie to me

Not again

So when I call sounding dead

Don’t say it will be okay


Dear, you said, the world is grand

Maybe if I hit the text books with no pictures

I would have stood a chance

Why did I even like to sing

Oh, but when I see her sweet face

Lying in bed, with a small smile

In a pink room filled with innocence

Dear, I say, the world is grand

Every day, Sunday, I do this weekly

Because why should I tell you the ending

If you like the beginning

Oh, go to sleep sweet doll

And I pray that you don’t wake anytime soon

Because then I’ll have to say

Dear, the world is grand

And you will one day say

Oh, please don’t lie to me

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