Love Ugly Like Hate

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Love between two hideous hearts

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



A crooked smile slipped past my apologies

Snarky words invade the romance

And hate sleeps next to me

Its not bad enought to leave

But bad enough to quit

Black vile words seeps through white teeth

Sultry smiles is the best I get

They say its wrong

A broken toy we just don't  fix

A dead dog on the street we took home

Hideous heart, hideous heart

You make me love 

Hideous heart, tell my when it turns to hate

Miles between covers

Covers the bruises

Better without me

But we could careless if clawmarks

Are butterfly kisses we tore the wings off

I hate you 

I love you

Sometimes I don't know

Empty rooms and loud doors

I know you love me

I know you hate me

Its a beutiful dove twisted into something not good

The hearts beating in the right place

The blood flowing too fast

Head in the right place

 Thoughts faster than my mouth

We tore through the face

Found the blue line

And can't get past it

We bleed onto weeping hearts

Stich these hearts


I find the evil smiling back at me

The hate looks over your shoulder

The door is locked though

The white room is you and me

Alone with a thousand miles

Of hate

And thousands more 

Of love

A rose living

Stepped on

Drag your foot

Imprint the scent to the bottom of your shoe

Bloody knuckles

Bloody hell

Its not love anymore

But its not hate

Sitting at the edge of insanity

Sleeping behind cheap hotels

I never thought

That it would come to this

It a hideous heart

Hideous hearts

Stiched together

Sticed forever

Until one of us tears the seams

Leave the other gasping

Empty beds and still doors

Writing on the wall said it all along

It was wrong

No playing it right

But I want it

To hold it tight

Its all I know

And love ugly like hate

Love ugly like hate

Love ugly like hate

A deformed heart found another

Stagger to the grave

Claw to the coffin

Love ugly like hate

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