Seasons Change and So Shall I

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Growing up people tells us will change who we are as a person, and secretly we all look forward to that. We look forward to being better and stronger, but until then, do we just wait for the change?

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



The seasons change but I stay the same

Nothing to reach

Can't find the right way to play this game

Becuase they all say we've got to change

I get better and stronger

And wiser becuase I stayed longer

I know who to trust and who to lust

I know all this becuase  I'm older

But I see the adults with smiles out of places

Laughter gone from tired faces

They don't make mistakes becuae they don't take chances

Say that when your older you don't have to keep trying

So in other words you stay the same

They tell me to change just so I can stay the same

Make a perfect family photo to fit on a frame

I don't want to grow up

I don't want to have happiness that fits in a cup

But I don't want this either

The ignorance

The foolishness

The selfishness

I don't want it to stay

So I wait for the season to pass me by

I desire for the time where I get to live truly

But fear the time my body will decay

I want to change but I want to stay the same

I go by a different name but don't want to change my name

I want to be better

I want to see more

I'm eager for springe

But I dread the fall

So who do I blame

When it all stays the same

Who do I blame

When there's a pause in the game

And who do  I thank

When it finally comes

And who do I hate

When I find it isn't enough

Who was the lair

Who lied to the believer

Told me it would change

But it just stays the same

The only difference

Is that there is less change

And hoping for change

Just isn't the same


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