Yes, I'm talking about us so sing along

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Yes, this is about booksie

Submitted: October 03, 2011

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Submitted: October 03, 2011



Come one, come all and gather 'round

we make loud sound without a sound

we take cue much too soon

we shower in fame in a waiting game

Yes, we are the unknown artists

with skill we spill every secret in absolute secracy

out hearts blend in even if they cannot see

we extist to resist the comformaty of normality

blank graves and blank faces

empty pockets and empty hearts

filled with sorrow and awaiting tomarrow

If you watched us you'd see us arise

going beyond that petty sunrise

if you knew you know we flew

following a road without a clue

but no you see only the nothingness

another delusioned person or something less

but art is art when made with the heart

Our reality crushed your fantasy so no one sees

the frantic fantastic fantasy that came to be

with blood and tears we worked our gears

and decorated this cage our creator made

with colors that will never fade

to see that smile I'd color in this bigger sight

to humor us he left it white

Forget the road not traveled on

we're following the maze that was drawn

by a kid with smiles that go on for miles

an innocent line meets a lonley turn

repeat a lesson you never learn

follow the line that leads to nowheres

run on copied uneven upside down stairs

this much pain won't keep us sane

insanity is humanity

so thow away the odd pieces and you'll have an unfinished puzzle

and a population of leashes and humorless colorless muzzels

how can we go farther if we're stuck on a scene?

how can we speak our minds if we don't know what out words mean?

With tired eyes and fired cries

we are here standing near

Yes, we are the unknown artists

so let us see who goes on the farthest



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