The Next One

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She was just another young girl.
She was nothing but a victim.
Nothing but the next one.

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



The Next One

He'd better pay me extra for this one, I thought, sighing in annoyance after checking the time on my phone. 2:14AM. It wasn't unusual for me to have to get up in the middle of the night to assist him in his workings. Of course, I never wanted to do this to these girls, but what choice did I have? He was paying me money, real money, and that was all I cared about. I was just glad he finished quickly with me there.

He didn't need my help all the time, sometimes he would let me spend my days how I liked. School holidays were the worst, though. I barely got any sleep last summer holidays- it's a real pain, having to spend every moment with him. But he's an alright guy, once you get to know him- the same as any other normal man, really. Charming and funny are two key words to describe him, but how could I fantasize about my boss?

A car speeding past snapped me out of my daydreaming and I raised my head, immediately knowing he was coming when I saw a man in a sleek black suit walk around the corner and lock eyes with me. The moment of eye contact lasted a mere second, but it was long enough for me.

I stood up, straightening my hair and adjusting my sunglasses. Obviously I didn't need them late at night, but I could never let myself be recognized. I was an average looking person- plain brown hair, darkly tanned skin and uneven lips. Looks don't matter to me when I know I'll never fall in love- my work rarely gives me time to socialize unless I go to the supermarket.

As I picked up my bag, my eyes locked on this man, I saw a girl round the corner behind him from the corner of my eye. I immediately averted my eyes to study her- I had to say she was quite a looker. Fiery red hair which fell to her hips and green eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. She seemed to have a lot of confidence as she strided forward, and I noted that she seemed to refuse to take her eyes off of the man ahead of her. This wasn't a good thing, but we always had the occasional suspicious one and this didn't surprise me. But that was when she reached into her pocket.

I snatched my bag from the seat behind me, slinging it over my shoulder and wrapping my fingers around the gun hidden in my pocket. My movement caused her to freeze, a gun tightly clutched in her right hand. We locked eyes, and that was when time seemed to slow down. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of emotions.




And finally, the most noticeable of these emotions, fear. Of course she was scared, all of them were scared. But she could easily just shoot my brains out and that would be it, she would run away and hopefully escape the others. So why didn't she?

I took my gun from my pocket, raising my hand to point it directly at her head. I could feel him screaming at me in my mind- this was not what I was supposed to do. He killed them, back home, I never killed them. Just a shot at the leg would stop them fighting. But there was something different this time, something that made me snap.

I don't know what made me do it, but I shot a bullet straight through that young girl's head.

He rounded the corner immediately as her body hit the concrete, and I took a deep breath out and dropped my gun.


I repeated the word in my mind as he ran over to the body first, shouting at me from across the road in complete fury. Normally I would- well, normally this would not be happening. Normally she would be in the car and being taken to our home already. Normally I wouldn't have shot her brains out.

"Do you know what you've done?!" He screamed, standing up and kicking the body away harshly. He spat on her angrily and that was when I looked away from him and focused on the sound of cars in the distance.

And that was when I felt the bullet shoot through my stomach.

I fell down, spitting blood onto the concrete and clenching my teeth at the pain as I heard the car doors slam. They were leaving me here to die.

Relief spread through me and I laughed out loud then, knowing it was all finally over. No more killings, no more anything.

As I closed my eyes and let the pain spread through me I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and my eyes snapped open to see him glaring down at me.

"Thought you could get off that easily?" He chuckled and I breathed out deeply, looking around to see myself in the back seat of the car. Now I knew what it felt like for these girls, now I knew what they went through at least.

It's funny, though. None of this would have happened if I had just let him pile her into the car and kill her like he did the rest of them. There was nothing strange or special about her, nothing that caused my outburst.

She was just another young girl.

She was nothing but a victim.

Nothing but the next one.

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