What Happens In Life

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What happens in someone's everydaylife... sometimes we can relate..The solution is always there but never easy to find.

Submitted: November 19, 2016

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Submitted: November 19, 2016



She arrived like an interesting person, well-rounded body, a smile to kill for, decent height and above all else were those hazel eyes that you could dive into and drown in the ocean of its perfect beauty.

There she came, this beautiful woman at his workplace. She was 19 but she seemed so mature like she was a 23 year old ripe fruit only waiting to be plucked.

And here he was, lost his mother two days ago but he was an unusual boy and did not feel the hit of this loss that much, maybe because he was not ready to accept the loss of the one that had always been there for him but he never was thankful enough for all that his mother had done.

He was sitting right in front of the hallway, following consciously his training to a new line of work in his workplace. Then, he saw her but at this time, he was in for two weeks in the morning workshift of this workplace and there she was, coming in for the usual nightshift he usually would be working on.

He had no time to think about her but he did print this one in his mind. He never had an real relationship but he was never at a loss of words with women and he was still 20 and he never had a priority for sex.

He went on through his two weeks and then he came back to the nightshift. At this time, he only watched her for afar by stealing glimpses of eye contact here and there.

And then she sent a smiley, that use of technology had never been so clear as to a use of easy intent to like someone. He replied, wanting to maybe someday, somewhere, somehow have a beautiful relationship but he knew he was mature and wise enough to go this slowly and thoughtfully.

She was going through some bad times, her little 8 months brother's death affected and she sought maybe solace or something similar from him.

He never knew that this first comversation would lead to so many events in his life that he never though would ever happen...

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