The Rising Dead

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The Rising Dead is a short story i began writting back in 2010. The story i about a man who finds himselfin the middle of the aftermath of a zombie outbreak.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



The Rising Dead Written by: E.C

The dead had come back to life andhad been walking amongst theliving.They were being driven by an unexplained force. I think there was some kind of radiation or something that had to do the dead walking around; like they have some unfinished business, like they are on a mission.I have taken refuge along with four others, who have also been affected by this outbreak.I, and the others, have been walking on foot through the city trying to figureout why this is happening. While rummaging through the city, I have been searching relentlessly to find food and other resources; maybe a working vehicle and a working phone. The city seems like a ghost town; there are no people left except myself and the others; as far as we know. I don’t know what to think of all this; it’s like living in a nightmare. There was no warning and there was no way to be prepared for what has come. I haven’t eaten in days. I have to find some kind of food; some kind of nourishment if I want to stay alive. On my journey, I came across an abandoned pawn shop. All the windows were boarded heavily with anything the shop owner could get a hold of—from what it looked like anyway. The doors on the front of the shop looked like they had been ripped off and nailed back up in a panic. My first instinct was to get inside and look around, but I needed a plan.

I needed the help of the others to break down the doors and there was also the thought of running into these lifeless living dead creatures that seemed to be attacking anything that moved. Once we found our way in; it was dark, musty and the smell of rotting flesh eased about the room. While the others kept watch, I located a radio, weapons, ammo, and a flashlight. I think this is all we would need, but I was still uncertain as to how we were to keep these man-eating creatures at bay; as we all were. Now I just needed to find some batteries so I could at least listen to the local news in hopes to hear what the hell is going on. Maybe the news could give me some hope, but I knew that that wasn’t going to happen. I had to try and survive and find somewhere safe to lay my head, get some sleep and hopefully this would be over. The next day I was walking the streets listening to the what the news was saying, that this was some sort of an epidemic and how it is not safe to be on the streets; to stay in our homes and lock our doors and pray for a miracle. That was a bunch of bullshit; nowhere was safe and I knew that everyone was dead and there was no way I was going to let whatever was happening affect my state of mind. I told myself that there had to be other survivors and that we can’t be the only people alive, so we started looking for other survivors who might be hiding out somewhere; while on the hunt for anything edible and fresh water to hold us over for what may be weeks…I hope no longer.

We were a group of four, who like me, had been left with nothing. We had all lost everything and were now on the verge of losing our sanity.Kate was a strong willed mother of two, who may be in her early thirties; had long, curly, reddish hair. She worked at a local diner here in the city, when the outbreak took place. Her husband had been picking up their kids, when they were stopped by local law enforcement and quarrentined.She has not heard from them since. Kate looked like she could use a friend; someone who she could confide in. I could tell that Kate was in deep thought, and I could tell by the look on her face that she had a lot on her mind, “do you want to talk about anything, and you know I am a good listener.” There was this blank look on her face. I knew that there was something she wanted to tell me, but all she did was just look at me; a look of confusion along with fear. The fear had started to set in; I think that was on everyone else’s mind as well. Fear; fear that none of us were going to make out alive, fear that what if those creatures find us and kill us all. Then there was Zack. I think he thought that he was above and better than everyone else. He had grown up in an area near New Jersey. He had an obsession with fast cars. He owned a ’66 Chevy Camero which he said was his number one possession. He had also served in the United States Marine Corps.He reminded me of my father; a headstrong, compulsive, deadbeat, who didn’t care about anyone else but himself. I felt really sorry for Zack for the simple fact that he had absolutely no idea how to control his anger; yep just like my old man. Brain, a seventeen year old orphan, who was practically left for dead and had to fend for himself pretty much his whole life. He reminded me of myself when I was his age; his parents were both very wealthy; they had owned a three story house on the outskirts of a small town in MT. Sterling. He lost both of his parents in a plane crash; poor kid. I couldn’t imagine losing both parents at the same time.

I found trapped in his foster parent’s basement because a handful of those undead creatures had made their way through both the front door and the back door of his adopted parents two story home, he told me what had happened .His foster parents were both asleep in their bed and Brian was playing on his Xbox. He heard a loud noise that sounded like glass breaking; the undead creatures had made their way into the house. “They were coming at us from all sides; and they just started coming at us for what reason, I don’t know.” I wish I had the answer but sadly, I didn’t. He told me his foster mother had been bitten on her arm by one of those undead creatures. He bit down and sunk his discolored teeth right into her arm. She had fallen down, holding her arm where she had been bitten; “Brian”’ she said, “You have to get out and save yourself!” neither one of them had any idea how much time she had before she completely turned into one of the undead. As his foster mother lay on the floor, Brian just stood there not knowing what to do about what had just happened. All she knew was that he had to act fast before time ran out. “Mom” Her flesh had began to rot very rapidly and her eyes had immediately rolled into the back of her head; she was gone. Brian slowly and cautiously walked towards her. He began reaching out his hand to try to get a response, “mom”?! He began to shake her, tears rolled up in his eyes. He had given up and walked away from her dead corpse. No later than five minutes later, she sat up with and began to charge Brian; he quickly turned around and attacked his foster dad; ripped his arm off and then started chowing down like he was a four course meal at a Golden Corral. “I didn’t know what to do at that point; do I just let her attack me, and become her next meal? I decided that I had to do something because I knew that my mother wasn’t my mother any more, she had become the undead and I had to kill her or be killed. So I knocked her down and ran into my foster dad’s trophy room. I found one of dad’s pistols and I yelled at her to get her attention and when she came toward me, I told her I love her and that I’m sorry, then I closed my eyes and squeezed the trigger.” When I found him, He looked pale and he was holding a pistol in his left hand. I cautiously peeked my head in where there used to be a front door, and when I saw the dismembered remains of the bodies, I yelled, “Hello, is there anybody here?!” “Down here… I’m down here, please help me!!” When I came down the stairs, there was a trail of blood. I thought it had maybe been the blood of the young boy who trapped down in the basement, “Are you okay kid?” He was shaken up and I looked down and there was one of those things lying on the basement floor, with its brains splattered across his face and his clothes. “It wouldn’t go down, oh my fucking God, it just wouldn’t go down. I must have shot them like five times, then finally I aimed for the head and it finally went down!” I grabbed the pistol from his left hand, which had been shaking badly, “Give me the gun son, I think their dead.” But the thing was they were already dead. I took the boys hand and told him to come with me, where it would be safe and I promised him I would take care of him from here on out; that we are in this together. He looked up at me and said, “What’s your name?” “Name’s Ben, what’s yours kid?” “My name is Brian, are my parents… I’m so sorry kid; they didn’t make it out in time.” As he and I walked back up the stairs, I told him, “wait here for a second” … I walked back up to where his parents lay dead, and I didn’t want him to see what his parents had become. I looked for something to cover them up with. I covered them up with a crimson red bed sheet that I found laying on his dead parent’s bedroom floor. There was blood and things that I thought I would never see, you know, things that you only see in the movies, but this was like not a movie. This was reality and it came without warning. As I came back down to where Brian was, I told him it was okay to come up. “Don’t look at anything around you, just keep going and don’t look back.”

“Look at them, just walking around, like they have some kind of purpose, like they know where they are”. Kate is still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that the dead have somehow come back to life. I don’t know what to think about all this that has been happening, but I do know that this isn’t what God has done to us; to punish us, maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. It’s been almost a week since the outbreak. The group including myself has not found any word if this thing has spread further than the city. None of our phones worked and the food that we have found has not last us even a week. I remember walking through a part of the city, trying to find a safe place to hide, when I saw a young woman being brutally attacked by one of those things; it was all I could do to keep from vomiting. I wanted so desperately to help her, but I had to think about saving my own ass. The way that monster just grabbed her and ripped her apart like she was a rag doll; eating away at her flesh and the way her insides fell to the ground; it just kept on feeding and the sad thing was that, she had still been somewhat conscious through all that. The sound of her screaming and the way she was reaching out as if someone was coming to her rescue. There was no one else around but me so I thought to myself, “I have to do something to get that things attention”. I had no idea how to even get its attention, but I had to do something and fast. I quickly looked around for something that I could throw at it, like maybe a rock or debris that had been laying on the ground where I had been standing, but there was absolutely nothing that I could throw at it. They say sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. That thing was still feeding on that poor woman so I knew it would be occupied for a while. The feeding zombie wasn’t too far from where I was standing, it’s back facing toward me, I slowly crept up behind it and the closer I got to it, I reached both of my hands out in a grabbing position and wrapped my hands around its waist and pulled it down to the ground. We both fell and let me tell you that thing was severely pissed. It was trying to break free from my grasp, but I wasn’t going to let go. The woman that had been devoured by that thing was lying right beside me and I could tell she was already dead. That thing had torn her to shreds; there was blood coming out of every part of her body. Muscle tissue showing, her insides were lying half way on the ground and the other half still inside of her stomach, bones showing. It was something that I will NEVER forget. The zombie was still trying to break free from my arms. We were tossing and turning. I began to grow weak because I was using all of my strength to hold this thing down. Finally, I gave up and I let go of my grip and the moment I did that, I gave it an opportunity for me to be its next meal. “Great” I thought now what the fuck do I do? There I was lying on the ground and exhausted from the struggle and disoriented and scarred shitless. That thing was staggering around and as quick with the blink of an eye, that thing was headed straight toward me. I panicked, my heart was beating out of my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I needed to do something and fast, but before I could come up with a plan of attack, a shot went off from above me. It sounded like it came from a rooftop. The bullet struck the zombie in the head. Blood splattered all over my face. “HOLY SHIT that was close!!” I said to myself. I immediately stood up and looked to where the shot had come from. I saw a figure standing above me on the top of a building. “You okay?!” the voice was a woman’s voice. Yeah I said. “Thanks for saving me!” “Hey by the way, what’s your name?” I asked her. “My name is Tanya,” she said. “Thanks again for saving my life,” I said.

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