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-*Warning, perhaps not good for young people to read.. PG for that reason :/ *-
-Emotions are everything, for some people they're fragile..these people are hurt every day. This is a work of fiction that perhaps dramatises what can happen if you don't think before you act.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I awake; the sunlight beams through the window and stings my eyes. Hot Autumn, how wonderful...not. I leap out of the covers and rip my curtains shut before turning on the lamp on the bed-side table. The little luminosity it gave out provided ample lighting for my tiny box room, well, it used to, before mum switched to energy saving bulbs which take hours to brighten up fully.

I open my wardrobe, luckily sixth-form means that we don't have any uniform. I finished high-school last year and moved school for sixth-form, still have to be in at nine everyday though. I grab a skinny black t-shirt and matching jeans. Well, hard to get anything else out of my wide variety of black things...

After having made a cup of hot chocolate, because there's something in coffee that I'm allergic to, I sit on the couch and watch mind-numbing morning television. Boring old news is all I can settle on. Some story about drinking too much caffeine into your system or something. Yeah, because that's likely to happen to me.

I drink my chocolate slowly, but I can't hold it any longer than half an hour before downing it. Only started a week ago and I already hate it at.. well, school really. No friends, literally, and one thing above all else is making it difficult for me. Well, she's not a thing. She's just plain perfect...

"Oi, shift yourself Danni, else you'll be late." My mum pipes up from over my shoulder, scaring me half to death.

But, I do as I'm told, I grab my bag which has tons of paper within it. Some are scribbled all over, lots are blank. I traipse slowly to the bus stop, half past seven is way to early for school.. Unfortunately, even though I changed school, mum didn't see fit for us to move else where.

The bus rides are always quiet, my iPod got 'lost' back on the second day in the hell-hole. I look up at the same time every morning, like my mind knows which stop we're at, to see her get on. Her beautiful blond hair cascades down her back and rolls over her shoulders. Her beautiful emerald eyes sparkle in the morning sunlight. Everything about her is perfect. If one was to look at me what would you see? Matte black hair and dull grey-ish eyes, not one attractive thing about me. I look shyly at her and her entourage of barbie dolls and numb ass football players. I hate those kinds of people, so why do I find her so attractive..?

"Hey, get up, shift, little emo bitch." one of the numb-fucks commands me.

I look up at him and smile sarcastically. "Fine." I breathe, and stand, ready to walk further to the front of the bus.

"Nah, you know what," Rhetorical, I sense, "I changed my mind, maybe you'd be more comfortable sat here. Next to me." His face is so close I can smell the stale lager on his breath.

"No, it-" as I go to move again, he places his hand on my shoulder.

"No, you stay." His tone sounds less playful, more menacing as he pushes me back down onto the seat and slumps down next to me. My eyes fill. He picks up a few strands of my hair, sniffs them, then rips them from my head, laughing.

"Oi, enough, come on." Her silky voice interrupts. Alessa commands the brainless drones away. I look to her and she lets off a slight smile to me... I hope. Either way, it is beautiful...

I arrive at school at ten to nine, told you I live far away. I wipe away my silent tears and hurry off the bus, not wanting to wait long enough for them to be behind me.

I take my seat, back right, corner, and wait to be registered. This is easily the strictest sixth-form in the world... I look around, Alessa's not in my form, so it's good for me to know who's here that likely to terrorise me. Two big rugby players keep pointing, laughing and talking about me. I bury my head in my right elbow and fish in the inside pocket of my jacket. I feel the cold steel with my fingers and carefully pull it out. I hold the rectangular shape between my index finger and thumb search for the sharp edge. I nick my finger with it, my symbol that I found it. I bring it up to my right arm and push my sleeve up. I drag it purposefully across my wrist and feel the sweet salvation of pain. Pain that tells me I'm alive. I smile, rather sadistically, really, but jump when someone taps me on the shoulder, the blade goes deeper than I wanted it to..

"Hey, are you ok?" The nectarous voice whispers into my ear. "I'm sorry about that guy on the bus.." Her breath smells sweet.

I take a deep breath, "Yeah, I-I'm used to it." I fake-smile up at her, but it quickly turns into yet more silent tears. Alessa wraps her arms around me and lets me sob away into her shoulder. I feel comforted, like never before...

"Hey, so you're Danni, right?" She asks, I nod. "Right, well, I have some free time now. Wanna get a coffee in the common room?" She sounds genuine, so I nod once more. "Ok then." She moves away and takes my hand. For a moment, I feel high, then I realise, the common room's full of people who wouldn't mind if I was dead.

"Do we have to go to the common room?" I ask, timidly.

"Oh, do you not want to? I'm sorry I just presumed you had no friends and I... I'm sorry."

I shake my head and try to swallow back the tears. "I'd go anywhere with you..."

"You.. What? You'd go anywhere with me?"

I don't know why, but a compulsion grabs me, maybe because of the deeper injury boosting my confidence, but it's a sort of 'it's now or never' thing. I quickly set my hands on her cheeks and kiss her. She pulls away and slaps me pretty hard.

"What the fuck? Is there something wrong with you!? You don't just fucking kiss someone like that you sick little freak!" She slaps me again then quickly flees.

My life is over, is all I tell myself, this is the end. All the way home, I walk telling myself that I don't deserve to live. I arrive at the door to the house and walk swiftly in. Mum's gone to work early, I'm glad. I head straight to the kitchen and grab the shed keys. I go through the back door and unlock the padlock on the shed door. I pull things off shelves until I find the tightly wrapped blue coil of rope. I cut off a length and tie a slipknot with a stopper after it. I slip it into my pocket and climb up the tallest tree in the garden. I tie the unknotted end onto a thick branch and put the slipknot around my neck. I fall...


She runs around the school, trying to find the poor girl, to explain why she reacted so horribly. But the girl seems to be gone, she's not in her lessons, she's not anywhere.

She asks in the office as to her address, and is answered. She travels to the place she was told and knocks on the door. A woman opens it. Her cheeks are smeared with mascara and tears...

*Author's note - Yeah kind of a serious story (I just re-read it as I re-uploaded it) but no worries! I did write this.. 3 years ago I think!

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