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Late at night when I let all my thoughts bombard me, this is what it feels like.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Everything around me went black, like an all consuming wave was cresting over my head and swallowing me whole. I was falling into its cavernous stomach, blind with fear, adrenaline, anticipation. There was nothing to compare it to, I could only imagine it was what being on fire while underwater was like. It felt like I was falling for years, for so long that I eventually lost all the feelings in my limbs. My fingers became  foreign objects  to me, and I occasionally brought what I thought was my hand to what I assumed was my head, to try and reassure myself that it was still attached.

A vain attempt since I could not determine what was what or what was where. The only thing I was completely aware of was my heart, since I could hear its faint thumping like a drums song in the distance. The rest was just roaring silence pounding my ear drums and skull mercilessly. I desperately yearned for a sliver of peace, just a moment so that I could reassemble myself.I vaguely wondered if I would die here, if I was already dead, but it hurt to try and reassemble my disjointed thoughts. They were all stuck to one another, clinging to the false hope that they could somehow make sense to me again.

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