One day, I was taken to the holy mountain.

I spoke to God and presented him with my lament.

"God, I am a nebula of uncontrolled elements

Have mercy on me." But no one answered me.

Another day, I returned to the secret place

And I said, "God, thank you for forgiving my misdeeds,

Help me now to live a godly life."

Again, the Trinity was silent.

A third time I returned to Sinai

And cried, "Lord Jesus, bring me into Heaven."

There I heard my voice begin to question me:

What do you know about Paradise to want to go there?

You have to love flying to go to the Birds' Paradise.

You have to love water to go to the fish’s Paradise.

But what do you expect to find in the Paradise of men?

Who tells you that there are not as many paradises as there are men?

Do you know that man was created in the Paradise

But he was not able to stay there?

Do you know that the vices that make you commit venial sins

Are they the same ones that pushed angels out of heaven?

Only those of divine character can dwell in Paradise.

And to become divine is the essence of everyone's destiny.

Because to be human is the past of every divinity.

And to become divine is the future of all humanity


Submitted: May 26, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Elysé Gounou. All rights reserved.

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