Dance of The Magician

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A poem about spiritual endurance.

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



Dance of the Magician

In the bitter shade, she crawls
through the tumbling rain she roams
On the lonely day she knows
The deepest red of a rose

She conquers all her sorrow
And vanity for tomorrow
Her eyes see the colors and the shape 
No longer an empty cage

These hollow rooms can't still her
Here, in this starry moonlit sky
You'll find her in a dizzy spell
The dance of the magician

 She'll cast away their darkness
She'll wash away their confines
Dissolve the material with her soul
She's the queen of home

Unfolding her holy book of woes
Of letters and incantations
She vibrates it with her tongue
Like the sound of a lonely song

Letters sent to the dark seas
Rolling upon a wave
Maiden of the airy light
Of the world written in the eyes of his love

Enemies throw their fierce hate
Upon the shape-shifting sand
What is this that I have spoken of
This island of dreams~

Well, I do not always have the right thoughts
But they tremble on the tip of my tongue
With a magical kindness of birth and death
The ageless world of the ever-young

Still she dances
It's the dancing that keeps her
When this world of romance ends
Still she'll stay enchanting

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