Love as Lesson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poem about love and learning.

“She took my slice of life on this earth
And made it worse than war.
She colonized my head and turned it inside out,
Cut my skin right open and tore it asunder.
She taught me all about love,
And then took the lesson away.
Where’s my lesson, I asked her,
Where did it go?
She sucked the air out of desire,
And never filled up her cup of hunger.
The storms never left her beautiful eyes
And I forever lacked a dimension.
She left a long time before she truly did,
And cut up and split open my spirit."
You do not listen,
You do not learn,
With love a woman is all things,
And without, none at all.
You had affection for your reflection
In my gaze, not for my ways.
I loved well and strong,
But your spirit wandered away,
And thus I went astray.
You would hide behind passion
Yet the age-old rage simmered within.
“She took away my horizons
And now I neither end nor begin.
Let me redeem myself, I say to her,
Allow me to stretch to my true size
And let me rub you raw with lovefever.
Here is the heart you tore apart,
Seize it and do with it what you wish.
You are nothing but my undoing.”
This is my body,
This was your sustenance.
This is the skin you plunged into,
Yet I am inside, a profound puzzle
You cannot penetrate or invade.
You must yield, let go
You must lose in order to find.
“She opened her legs but not her mind,
She gave much but took away more,
How I am ever again to believe
My own eyes and heart,
When she took the lesson away?
Where’s my lesson, I asked her,
Where did it go?"
Oct. 2009

Submitted: November 19, 2010

© Copyright 2021 elza holt. All rights reserved.

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