This poem is for you

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universal poem





This poem is for you.

All those who have forgone the heart,

All those who halted their dreaming

In fear that desire is a one-way street.

Those who no longer sway to their own rhythm,

Afraid that the music of the spirit will be hushed.

Of course, it hurts to love so entirely,

Those of you who say you cannot do it,

As it might defeat you, make you vanish.


This poem is for you.

Those who fear breeding ideas instead of anger

And to cry out while feeling the world, love.

Naturally, passion can be like a raw wound,

Bleeding with regret, taking away with no return,

It might wring out the soul from you,

Those of you who have no wish

To perceive the might that is in you

To reach out in love, in mercy.


This poem is for you.

Then again - for you, I want delight in the day, tranquility

And wild unchained ardor, and I wish for your soul

To greet your mind and embrace,

For you, I want your spirit to be stroked by kindness

And I desire for you the magic of the extraordinary.

I want to see your eyes wide open with awe

At the beauty, the peace, the miracle -

Before we lay ourselves down in the earth.


Sept. 2009



Submitted: November 19, 2010

© Copyright 2020 elza holt. All rights reserved.

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