solitude in myself

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i loved a man who hated me

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




i stared at his face

 i felt something uncommon 

i always keep trying to imagine his face 


i dream of him every night

i kiss him suddenly 

what a fool i am!


he started to hate and leave me in the darkness 

i described myself into a rose withering in a cold climate

just like me i withered in loneliness 


no one can understand  me

i don't let them to know me

i  have a trust to none


i'm afraid that i love again  someone like him

they only want my body, face but not myself

i though love is true, it's only a dream 


i hate to smile i disgusted it

i want no one can figure out my feelings 

they had nothing to do with me


my heart is only one, turned into a rock

i started to like myself

i'm now alone but never lonely 


i can't smile but inside of me there's a part that i can

i don't have time to love again 

i just enjoying solitude 







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