Blood On White Walls (Rewritten)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Thomas needs to reach Jamie before it's too late.

Submitted: November 13, 2013

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Submitted: November 13, 2013



Thomas caught the glare of the bright sunlight as he blinked away his morning grogginess.  The sun was streaming in through the window and Thomas could feel its warmth on his night-chilled skin.  The air was crisp and he could smell the fires burning in the distance.  He rubbed his eyes and streaked his hands through his greasy hair.  Then the front door slammed against the wall, heightening all of Thomas’ senses.

“They got her, they got her!” Jake shouted as he rushed into the shed, tripping over Thomas.

“Who’s got who?” Thomas demanded as he sprang up off the floor to help steady Jake as he gasped for air.

“They’ve taken her,” he choked, “last night.”

“Taken who?” Thomas strained.  Jake stood up and looked into Thomas’ eyes.

“Jamie,” he exclaimed.  Thomas stumbled back into the wood-paneled wall as his heart began to crush.  “We need to get to the Capitol,” Jake explained as he tossed Thomas his pack.


They sprinted down the path towards the forest, jumping over fallen trees and brushing through thick grass.  Once they reached the forest edge they looked off the cliff, down onto the city.  A large house was encircled by hundreds of soaring skyscrapers.  “She has to be in the White House,” Jake stated while trying to catch his breath once again, “it’s heavily guarded.  Not a chance of us getting in.”

“We need back up, “ Thomas reasoned as he starred down at the house with determined eyes.  Jake nodded,

“You head to the underground passage and I’ll meet you there with the guys.”


Thomas had been waiting inside the passage for over an hour when Jake and the guys arrived.  Once together, they hustled down blackened tunnels until they reached a staircase just below the White House.

“Do you think they’ll be up there ready to surround us?” A guy named Arty inquired with fear hidden behind his hushed voice.  Everyone turned towards Thomas at the head of the group.

“Only one way to find out,” Thomas said as he headed up the stairs.

“Wait!” Jake uttered as Thomas opened the hatch and entered into one of the  White House’s storage units, “Arty has a point.”

“If I’m not back within the hour then scat,” Thomas requested.  The guys, including Jake, didn’t question this.  They knew Thomas could be dead within the first five minutes.  Jake’s eyes met Thomas’, a silent good luck.  Thomas thought of how this on-going battle was about to go into full force as he took his first steps out into the hallway.


Every wall was a solid white.  The tiled floors gave off an empty stillness while Thomas tip-toed across them. Find the staircase to the top, Jake had instructed, you’ll know where to go from there.  Thomas reached the end of the hall and peeked around the corner spotting the door that lead to the staircase.  He rushed up the cemented stairs and slowly opened the door that brought him into a narrow hallway.This had to be it.  He could see a plain, white door at the end. He slowly approached the door as if it was a bomb ready to explode.  Thomas felt his heart pounding in his chest as sweat dripped down his forehead.  He lightly grasped the brass handle midway up the door and turned it.  The door opened with one, soft click.


Thomas entered a windowless room that was too dark to notice anything else other than the white walls.  He took another step further when a thick, blinding light forced his to cover his face.  As Thomas’ eyes adjusted he could make out two figures at the center of the room.


“We’ve been expecting you,” the taller figure chimed.  Thomas recognized the voice immediately.  It was rough, hallow and deep.  Thomas’ eyes focused on the man standing in his signature white suit and then glanced to the girl sitting in a chair.

“Jamie!” He exclaimed with desperation.  It took him another moment to realize that her mouth was taped shut and her hand and feet were tied with rope.  Thomas could feel the anger boiling within.  “Let her go!” He quickly stepped forward until the man chuckled.

“Ah, ah, ah…”the man teased while waving his finger back and forth.  The corners of his lips angled upwards.  “Why would I give this vixen back to you?”  The man brushed his fingers through Jamie’s hair, making her squirm.  “It was such a challenge to get her here.”  Thomas’ hands balled into fists and his eyebrows folded.  The man caressed Jamie’s cheek and Thomas could see the terror in her eyes. The man snapped his fingers.  Two guards suddenly entered the room and grabbed Thomas’ shoulders.  Thomas could feel an object poking into the middle of his back.  “Give up or die trying,” the man wagered.

Thomas’ head began to spin.  He couldn’t do anything but look longingly into Jamie’s eyes.  Her body tensed.

“We’ll take our chances!”  Someone yelled forcing the guards to turn towards the door.  Thomas looked back to find Jake the guys standing in the hallway with knives in their hands.  Suddenly Jake aimed his knife to a guard’s face and gouged his eyes.  The rest of the guys approached the other guard as Thomas twisted back to see that the white suited man was gone.  Jamie’s eyes were full of relief as Thomas cut the ropes and ripped the tape from her mouth.

“Tom!”  She shrieked as her arms wrapped around him tightly.

“Let’s move!” Jake shouted.  Thomas took hold of Jamie’s hand and led her out of the room.  They jumped over the lifeless bodyguards as they ran towards the stairs.  Thomas felt his stomach twist into knots.

“I told you to scat,” Thomas shouted to Jake as they raced down the stairs.

“I wasn’t just going to sit there and let you have all the fun,” Jake responded.  Once they reached the ground floor the hallways were filling with guards.  The guys let out a warrior cry as they dove their knives into the guard’s flesh.  Red blood squired onto the pristine, white walls.  Thomas fought the urge to puke.  He focused his eyes towards the storage unit.  He had to get Jamie out.  Jake, Thomas and Jamie made it to the underground passage as the guys rest held the rest off.  Bright sunlight stung their eyes as they neared the exit.

“Where to now?” Thomas questioned while stopping to recover before leaving the tunnels.

“Going back home is like heading into a death trap,” Jake noted, “they’ll find us.”  Thomas fixed his eyes back to Jamie.

“The mountains,” she insisted while struggling to catch her breath.  “We can stay there until we figure things out.”  Thomas watched as Jamie’s leadership consumed her once again.  “We’ll have to come back…” she trailed off while setting her head onto Thomas’ shoulder.  “We have to win.”  Thomas grinned as he kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go,” he murmured as the rest of the guys ran up behind them.  Jake nodded as they went out into the open to begin their journey to the mountains. 

© Copyright 2020 Emaginem. All rights reserved.

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