Don't Leave Me Alone

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A boy goes to visit a girl who is a patient at a mental institution.

Author's Note: Yet another story I wrote on the train while trying to keep awake. The original title is "Not Alone".

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



“I won’t go alone,” she announced as the room fell silent, “I won’t.” The boy looked at her with wary. All he could do was hope that she would stop.

“But I can’t come with,” he countered as he took another step towards her. She quickly put her hands up in front of her signaling that he was getting too close. The boy looked down at her frail hands and then back to her piercing charcoal eyes. Her brows wrinkled and her mouth transformed into a solid, thin line. The boy frowned, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s what they all say, Thomas. Don’t you say it too,” she spat while sitting back down in the chair behind her. Thomas watched as she bent forward and ran her bone-like fingers through her raven hair. Silence rang through the room forcing the intensity to skyrocket. He looked back towards the wall with the large tinted window.

“I don’t know what else to say,” he whispered. The girl glanced up at him, her expression unreadable. “It’s just—“

“Just what?” she questioned in a heated tone.

“You’re…”Thomas trailed off. The girl tilted her head in curiosity as she stood up once again waiting for the boy to finish. Thomas gulped as he took in her bony body. Her arms and legs were like toothpicks and her eyes were so sunken in. “You’re not who I remember.” Her eyes widened and her lips parted. Her body stiffened as she starred at Thomas who was now looking down at the cement floor. Thomas started to open his mouth as he looked up at her but she stopped him from saying anything with her hand once again.

“Don’t,” she pleaded. Her eyes darted back and forth, between the window and Thomas. Thoughts raced through her mind so quickly that they easily became jumbled and when she tried to speak all she could hear was gibberish. Thomas bit his lip as he watched her struggle with her words, “bu—but, I’m Miah.” Her eyes were wild and reminded Thomas of an animal, “I’m still me,” she continued. Thomas wanted to agree with her. He wanted to forget that anything had happened just as much as she did. Miah looked to the wall with the window. “It’s your fault!” She screamed. A spike of fear rushed up Thomas’ spine and made the hair on his arms stand on edge as the room amplified her screech.


“Don’t!” She ordered. Thomas watched as Miah paced the room back and forth, back and forth. Droplets of sweat started forming on her forehead even though Thomas could clearly see goose bumps glazed over her arms. “Your fault!” she screamed again. She then grabbed her chair and smashed it against the floor then picked it up again and threw it towards Thomas. Thomas jumped out of its path. He hit the ground just as the noise of the chair hitting the wall reached his ringing ears drums. Miah started to charge Thomas. He covered his face with his arms and embraced himself. He then heard the door that was next to the window open and thud against the stone wall. He heard the guards tumble her down. She gasped for breath but only to scream once again. Thomas saw her kick and punch until the guards tied her down. They struggled to sit her up right while she thrashed her head about. A woman in a white coat and tight hair emerged from the room that was behind the window with a syringe in her hand. Thomas’ stomach tightened as she hustled over to Miah.

“For the safety of yourself and others I am allowed to administer this sedative without consent Miah,” she informed while shouting over Miah’s constant defiance. The white coated women raised her arm with the needle grasped in her hand and plunged it down stabbing Miah in the thigh. Miah gave one last piercing scream. Her eyes bulged and jaw clenched. Thomas watched her body go limp only seconds after the needle was pulled out. The women took a lid from her pocket and placed it over the needle while walking over to Thomas. “It was for the best,” she explained as she straightened her coat, “A nurse will come to help you in a minute.” And then she walked back towards the door and into the room behind the tainted window. More doctors filled the room along with a stretcher that took Miah’s limp body back to her room. A nurse came and helped Thomas off of the floor.

“Are you alright?” she questioned. Thomas slowly nodded his head up and down as he numbly looked to the tinted window. “Good,” she replied while scanning his body for any physical injuries, “but now it’s time for you to leave.” She placed her hand on Thomas’ back and escorted him out of the room that now looked as if nothing had happened. As Thomas peeked over his shoulder before turning the corner down the long hallway the nurse was leading him, he saw another patient enter the room with crazed eyes along with another man who had the same look Thomas had when he first entered that room just an hour ago.

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