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This is how I would write if I huffed some paint thinner beforehand.

Author's Note: My teacher assigned us another Fast Write (were one writes for a certain amount of time as fast as they can without hesitation and concerns for grammar and spelling). Today he told us to imagine that we inhaled some paint thinner or glue before we came to class and just sat down to write. So this is what I imagined as to how I would write if I just inhaled some paint fumes ;)

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011




Glue is like the musk inside of a goat’s stomach and intestines that will swallow up one’s mind like a cookie to a cookie monster.  Blue engulfs the ocean and sky therefore is declared the color that will rule as king of rainbows.  All colors are light that shine into our eyes creating a dull sense of power that will charge us to get through our lives until death do us part.  Weddings are full of drinkers that suck out the genuine and innocence of the church that the girl skips down.  The cliff will never catch you when you step off of it and into the darkness and the unknown therefore the cliff is your best friend when it comes to hate.  Love is sense of hate that is so overpowering it brings out the good of addictions and obsessions.  Dolls can be made of glass or plastic depending on the brand that reflects your friends the most.  Honesty and truth are held within the grave after the long night of red and screams of ghosts and ghouls on Halloween.  Pumpkins are as chunky as peanut butter but that is determined on your sense of peanut butter preference.  Files and files of nails are lined up against a knife that will dig into the meat for the cannibals to devour as if they were seeing a sense of no self worth.

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