Late Night Club

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Autumn spots a charming fellow at a night club.

This is a Fast Write I did in my english class. A Fast Write is where one is to write as much as he or she can about whatever he or she wants for a set amount of time without stopping, hesitation, revising or grammatical correcting. It enables your creativity and expression to flow without having to worry about proper rules--I love fast writing!

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



The place was covered by a thick blanket of smoke that started stinging Autumn's nostrils.  Her eyes squinted as strobes of light shinned in them as they circled the room.  Autumn took another step forward into the late night club.  Her eyes moved back and forth as she scanned the room.  Sweat drops started forming on her forehead and the strong stench of body odor engulfed her.  In the center of the room was a large disco ball that shot lights in various directions.  Underneath it was the dance floor that was soaked by a sea of people.  Arms swayed high above them as they bumped into one another.  Suddenly Autumn felt a tap on her shoulder.  She swiveled around to find Vanessa smiling drunkenly behind her.  She watched as Vanessa's lips moved but Autumn couldn't hear anything above the blaring music.  Finally Vanessa took Autumn by the shoulders and turned her to the left.  There he was, in plain sight.  His hair barley brushed against the tops of his ears.  The light above him crowned his head with a heavenly glow, like shinning a searchlight into the night.  It was only when he looked over to her that she was able to take her eyes off of him.  Autumn tuned back to Vanessa who was no leaning up against the door's threshold.  When Autumn glanced back to the boy he was much closer to her and gave his crooked smile.  Autumn felt her lips curl upward as he continued to close the gap between them.

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