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Emma tries to stop Vin from committing suicide.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Her feet pounded against the cracked pavement as she ran down the road. Puffs of air escaped her lungs as she struggled to breath. Her cheeks turned a bright pink while her blue-turned lips slowly cracked and started to bleed. The crisp winter air rushed through her long dark hair as she continued to sprint towards the white house at the end of the street. She cut across the neighbor’s snow covered lawn and hurried along the left side of the white house. She quickly jumped over the back fence and rushed up onto the wooden porch. She banged on the back door and demanded to be let in. She leaned over the porch’s railing to look through the kitchen window but couldn’t see anything. Emma threw her hands up over her head and let out a piercing scream. Tears began streaming down her face as she lifted up the welcome mat and grabbed the extra key. She fumbled with the key as her numb fingers jammed it into the lock. She quickly turned it and burst through the door.

“Vin!” She screamed as she dashed into the kitchen and sprinted down the hall. When she reached the staircase she called out his name once again. She waited for a response but could only hear a dead ring in the air. Emma quickly ran up the steps and bolted through his bedroom door. She drew her hands to her mouth as she took in what she saw before her. Her eyes remained glued to the gun that Vin clenched in his fist.

His eyes widened the second he saw her.

“Emma?” He quickly stood up from the bed and rushed over to her, “What are you doing here?”

“W-What are you doing?” Emma stuttered as Vin pulled her further into the room and shut the door behind her.

“I’m tired Emma,” was all he said as he turned towards her, “I’m too damn tired.” He threw the gun onto the bed once he realized how terrified Emma looked. Emma kept her eyes on the gun while she tried to process everything.

“You can’t do that!” she cried, “You have so much to live for! And what about High Waters? They helped you once and they can help you again. Remember? They left you their number--”

“They don’t care about me,” he sighed. Emma finally looked up to him with confused eyes.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s their job to care,” Vin argued. Emma quickly shook her head.

“You’re lying,” she proclaimed, “I’m calling for help.” She dug into her jean pocket and pulled out her cellphone but Vin grabbed it before she could dial.

“Don’t!” he shouted.

“Vin, you need help—“ Emma noted as she struggled to hold onto the phone. With one quick tug, Vin yanked it out of her hands.

“It’s too late for that…” Vin trailed off as he cracked her phone in half. Emma drew in a quick breath as she watched Vin set the broken phone onto his nightstand. Suddenly Emma realized just how exhausted he looked. His tangled blonde hair brushed over the tops of his eyes. His whole face appeared to be sunken in. His once muscular physique had vanished.

“Well what about me?” she huffed. Vin turned towards he as he took in her question. “What will happen to me?” Emma covered her face as she felt fresh tears sliding down her cheeks. Vin walked over to her and placed his hands onto her shoulders while he waited for her to calm down.

“You’re going to go far. You have talent and a family that loves you. That’s all you’ll ever need,” he comforted.

“But I need you,” Emma pleaded. Vin immediately shook his head.

“No, I’ve set everyone back.” He dropped his hands down to his sides and glanced towards the floor, “I’ve set everyone back. Which is why I have to do this.”

“I can’t just stand here and watch you!” Emma screeched.

“Then leave!”


“I’m going to do it with or without you.”

“So you’re just going to leave me! You’re going to force me to face your family and everyone else! The cops! High Waters!”

“You have to lie…” Vin stated while reaching towards the gun, “It’s for the best.”

“Vin, I can’t do that…” Emma looked into his deep-set blue eyes and saw the pain he was in. She could see that the misery went straight to the bone, to his soul. Vin looked to the gun in his right hand and then to his wrist. He quickly began to take off his thick leather bracelet, the one he found on the ground when he first attempted suicide. It was the only thing that had stopped him, that bracelet covered in dirt.

“Whenever you think you’ll buckle just look at this and remember that I’m right beside you…” Vin began to tie the bracelet around Emma’s wrist. Suddenly the two of them heard a car door slam. Emma glanced over her shoulder to peer out the window, Vin’s parents coming up the driveway. She gulped and felt panicked as she turned back to Vin, “Promise me you won’t tell anyone. Let them find me…” he finished tying the bracelet and then stared longingly into Emma’s eyes. “Alone.” He let go of her wrist and took a small step back, aiming the gun towards his temple.

“I promise…” Emma whispered. She could feel her heart tearing in two and it became harder to breathe. Vin placed his index finger over the trigger and began to pull back. She could hear his parents unlocking the front door. Horror engulfed Emma, she didn’t want things to just end like this. She couldn’t let him die. She threw herself towards Vin to grab the gun out of his hands but it fired. Vin’s body thrust backwards onto the floor. Emma wanted to scream but the air had escaped her. She heard footsteps racing up the stairs and soon Vin’s parents ran into the room. The mother screamed at the top of her lungs. The father scanned the room with shock sprawled all over his face. He looked down to Vin, covered in blood and then to Emma. The father’s eyes widened. It was only then did Emma realize as to how she now had the gun clenched in her hand and as to how she still had it pointed directly to where Vin once stood.

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