Unexpected lovers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Character Bios:
Vampire: tall, pale, blue/gray eyes, silky black hair, solumn, sirious, mysterious. name: David
Elf: Medium height, fair skin, gold blond hair in braided pink tails, dark brown eyes, fun, out going, bubbly.name: Abby.
witches: 1) short, olive skin, ugly brown gray eyes, medium black hair, annoying, evil, dark magic. name: Breeach
2) Medium hieght, pale skin, blue/green eyes, long black hair in single braid, sad, loud, gray magic. name: Amy.
wearwolf: Tall, tan skin, sholder length brown hair, gray eyes, smart ass, sensitive. name: Caleb.
dragon: Tall, light brown hair, sun made pink skin, brown eyes, out spoken, caring. Name: unknown. (not really an important character).
tall drawf: Tall, lightly tan, dark brown hair, hazel/honey eyes, shy, quit, passionate. name: James.

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



chapter 1 Harmony Castel

In an age of war of the spieces one group stood together in peace. There was a castle in the middle of the four divisions (Vampire/witch division, Elf/dawrf division, dragon division, and werewolf division) where people of all divisions lived in harmoney. One cold winter day an elf was reading in the indoor garden under a tree when a tall pale stranger entered the room.

His blue gray eyes and silky black hair caught her attention. "May I help you sir?" She asked sweetly.

"Sir, I've never..... nevermind. No, I was looking for a place to be alone, obviously this room is occupied. Have a nice day." He said coldly.

"wait, can I at lest get your name?"

"David" he said flatly

."Abby, princess off the wood elfs, not that I wish to be any longer."She added the last part sadly, that cought David's attention.

"why not?" he asked, being nice for the first time since he'd entered the room.

"I believe the four divisions should coexsist in peace, but my father has elfs fighting in this dreaded war."

"do you believe in love between different spieces?" He asked in a calm emotionless voice.

"I do. One of my best friends is a werewolf and he's dating a witch, although that might not be the best example, she's a witch with a b if you know what I mean."

"yeah some are like that, not all but some. I know a few who are sweet."

"Oh I know, my half sister is a witch and she might get on my nerves, but she's a good witch."

"I know a lot of witches, what's your sister's name?"

"Amy Darkfire."

"Isn't she dating a ghost?"

"Shh! How'd you know that? Ghost were banished a century ago, if anyone finds out we're all in trouble."

"Oh relax, I've known for a while and didn't tell anyone."

"Good." she said with relife in voice.

"sorry am I interupting something?" A tall dwarf said as he opened the door.

"no James it's fine, come in. David this is my friend James, James this is David."

"pleasure to meet you." James said politely.

"pleasures all mine I'm sure." David said coldly.

"Oh dear look at the time i must be going, I have to go meet some friends in the dining hall, bye David, later James."

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