Don't Tell Your Friends How Good Your Man is in Bed!

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My advice to ladies who love to gossip about sex with friends!
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Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012




Girls can talk, we always will

Idle gossip

Fun and Shrill

But whatever you do, and listen now because this is 100% true

Don't tell your friends

How good your boyfriend is

In bed!

I slipped up once, mentioned his huge cock

How well he used it

How together we made the bed rock

I mentioned his kisses

and the way he wishes

our lips were together all the time.

I told them all how

Long and round

His member was

and how amazing it was when he would nibble

my fuzz!

But now I see how my friends all look at me


in their eyes

And worst of all I can see for sure

how they all look

at him

Lust in their eyes, wetting between the thys

Imagining him

Together with them

I've learned my lesson for sure!

I let him know

How much they all wanted a peak at

his show

Now he loves to tease and flaunt

to caress me lightly

as they bite their lip


Wishing for nothing more

then to have just one night with him

such a scandalous Whore

We role play together

I pretend I'm my friend Heather

And I get a little wet as he turns me down.

I slipped up

I spilled the beans

I let all my friends know my sex life is what they only get

in dreams

Him and I make it work

O and he works it well

But we could just be lucky

If you tell your friends how good your boyfriend is in bed

it could put your friendship

through hell!

So do what I say

Heed my Warning

If your boyfriend has a raging cock

and he gives it to you each morning

Don't mention it

not at all
And when the gossip comes and they as about his member

Just casually say “Hes alright but he could be bigger.”

© Copyright 2017 Ember Brooks. All rights reserved.

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