Drive By

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A young boy describes a car ride with arguing parents.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



I'm sitting in the backseat,  all buckled up looking out the window. Mommy and Daddy are in the front seats yelling at each other. Normally Mommy packs me a toy to play with on long car rides but she forgot this time. I tried to remind her saying \"Mommy, mommy but what about my toy!\" as she was putting me in the car, but all I got was a spank on the butt and told that I would live.I can see the sign of  a McDonald's coming up out of my window. I love McDonald's! The chicken nuggets are so yummy and I love to play in the play land! I sit up to look out of the window but before I can get a look we pass it by.I sit back in my seat so I don't get yelled at. The car is silent now. I know when it's quiet is when the fight is the worst. I look back out the window, I recognize the neighborhood were in, my friends lives down this street! I've stayed the night at his house before, we pretend to be pirates and his mom always cuts the crust off of the bread! I sit up to look out the window, hoping to see him playing in the yard and wave, but we drive by so fast it's just a flash.Mom is crying now. Not like how I cry, loudly when Daddy throws away my toys after stepping on them, she crys quietly, her head turned away from Daddy, only a tear or two streaming down her face, that she quickly wipes away.  I know not to mention that Mommy is crying.I came into her room once and found her at the end of the bed crying hard into her pillow. \"Mommy why are you crying?\" I asked. She looked at me and shook her head no saying she wasn't crying. \"Maybe if you talk to Daddy he will make it better.\"\"O you know nothing.\" She said patting my head softly. \"Go play in your room, and don't tell your father about this.\"I can see my school now. The teachers are all so nice, I learned all my colors with all the other kids and we get to play outside after snack time!  But we drive past it. I know it's empty on the weekend anyways.Mommy and Daddy are silent again. I don't know what they are fighting about, I never do. Mommy told me that I know nothing and she is right. I wish I could help, I wish I could make things all better, things we love fly by so fast it's like a flash, and Mommy and Daddy might miss something one day.

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