Rant: My Generation

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I just wanted to rant about some of the stereotypes of girls that annoy the literal shit out of me.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013





Seriously, I could tolerate it if my generation could, I don’t know, exceled at academics, music, or just something that I don’t know, would actually mean something to world, I guess I wouldn’t be as pissed. Actually, scratch all of that.

I sound like a douchebag.

I can be one, sometimes.

Sorry about that.

Well, anyway, let me just start off by saying that I know, I know, I’m not one of the most, I guess you could say “feminine” types of girls, and I accept other girls that act…well, girly, or downright well, boyish. I guess you could say I’m in the middle? Definitely more over to the boyish side, but not enough that I dress in dude’s clothes, talk in a deep voice, and ignore the fact that I was born with ovaries instead of testicles -.-

But seriously, I get tired of these bitches – yes, I said bitches, like at least every rapper has once said in a least one song; forgive me all of my female friends – acting like just that: PMS-ing bitches.

There are four types of girls that just seriously annoy the fuck out of me:

1.The Stereotypical Teenage Girly Girl

·Wears pink all the time, is horrible at all types of academics, has multiple boyfriends in one single week – or month – and looks down upon everyone who doesn’t act like her

2.The Stereotypical “I Just Want to Fall in Love” Girl

·Seems fairly normal, funny, perhaps maybe even a little cute – alright, let me calm myself before this gets kinky XD – but legit OBSESSES over dudes. All they ever talk about is having a boyfriend, falling in love, and all this stupid bullshit that just annoying to listen to. It’s like really? Shut the fuck up. You’re not getting married at the age of 16 because no dude in his right mind would marry – nor associate – with your crazy ass.

3.The Nice Girl that Likes Everyone and Everything

·(This is merely just a personal pet peeve) girls who see the beauty in everything, frequently use stupid internet love quotes, and look to the good in life. Yes, I am a somewhat pessimist, and it’s not like I HATE optimists (my best friend is one) but seriously, I least I don’t walk around quoting about how a love lost is one gained, which is represented by drawing a heart in the sand and watching half of it get washed away by the wave of an ocean.

And finally:

4.The Bitch that Thinks She’s the Shit Because She Tries to Act Like a Dude Because She’s a Straight-Up Attention Whore

·I really, really, really hate bitches like this. Seriously though, don’t even cross me if you act relatively like this. They think they’re cool because they play exactly ONE game of Call of Duty, Halo, or fucking Skyrim of all things, and they’re all like “Hey guys, guess what, I’m “shooting myself in the face with a machine gun! Love me, because I’m dying inside and need someone!” Or, they’re like, “Ew, I hate periods! Girls are so weird!! I wish I was a dude! Okay, calm the fuck down. I get it, sometimes people get lonely, and would be nice to have someone that actually cared for you and loved you – even though you deep down in your heart, someone has to – but come on, don’t try to act like a transvestite to get a little love from the opposite sex.

Okay, I know, it seems like I totally just blasted on the female gender, which in a way, is kinda sad. After all, I am a girl. It’s not that I don’t like my own gender, but it really gets hard to just bite your tongue, look away from the world and try not to observe these horrible stereotypes that roam over the world.

And, I’ll admit, just maybe perhaps I might lean to the 2nd and 4th type of girl, but not in the full-blown case like I explained. More of so, just because every once in a while, I obsess over someone that I really, REALLY have to like (I mean, I’m not doing it over some man whore XD). But, only every in a while or so. ONCE IN A WHILE. Alright, I’ve proved my case.

And well, type 4, even though that’s the stereotype that I dislike the most, I guess I could come off as that to some other people. Because like I said before, I’m not as “feminine” or so as other guys (I don’t know, the word feminine makes me sound weird; like I’m saying I don’t feel that way as much, like I don’t have a stupid period every month or something) and I actually do play Call of Duty, Halo, and Assassin’s Creed (yeah, I’m a video nerd, shut the fuck up if you’re going make fun of me!! XD) and it really is cool when you can rub it in your best friend’s face that you just beat him, and you’ve only played once or twice.

But anyways, what I’m saying is, don’t worry generation/females, I don’t hate you. After all, I’m apart of the both of you, and well, my opinion probably doesn’t give a shit to you. I just felt like writing this rant after witnessing too many of these stereotypical “beyatches” (I couldn’t help but put that) and sorry if I offended you or anything. Yes, the pessimistic, cartoon-watching, female, video game loving, teenager just to apologized because deep down inside I’m a shy little mouse that doesn’t want to offend anyone and just wants every single person in the world to love her or at least have a few thousand people in the world think that she’s funny :P

Quotes that these stereotypical girls say:

1.“Omg you guys, I look terrible today” And looks like a fucking Victoria’s Secret model. No, stfu because you know you look perfect and it’s making me feel bad for not being as hot as you TT.TT

2.“All I want is someone to love me going to bed and love me in the morning” Well, instead of relying on others, why don’t you just learn to love yourself, and stop running after each guy wearing a tipped snapback Obey hat and cautiously raising his shirt to expose his chest as it is clenched between his teeth and shyly looks into the camera. (And yes, maybe perhaps those dudes are sometimes hot, but come on, don’t judge me now!!)

3.“Love will always find it’s way if the glass is always half full” Yeah, and so does Syphilis finds its way. Calm down, drink the rest of your fuckin’ half full glass and get your daily fulfillment of water, you hoebag.


I already know that I’m going to get chased by an angry mob with a fiery pitchforks or something.

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