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Submitted: April 16, 2014

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Submitted: April 16, 2014



I'm so tired of telling myself,"hey this was over 2 years ago, get over it he's a man now who the hell cares about what he did or how much his ex meant to him, you have him now and she's not going to take him away from you."

even though i tell myself that every damn day i can't help but ask myself,"why doesn't he post things about me like he did with her." and then i think,"maybe posting about your relatiosnhip is just a "childshish" thing to do now."

But then i see other couples on the internet way older and they at least post a few stuff about their relationship and here i am feeling fucking worthless and feeling like i'm not worthy of people now knowing about our relationship. If he would at least post a picture with both of us i'll be so fucking happy that at least he's letting people know he was a girlfriend that makes him happy.

But we've talked about it and he says he doesn't post things cause i causes problems and yadi yad blah. How the hell does posting one nice thing cause a problem? I'm so tired of thinking you're not over your ex and this is exactly why, cause' you'd always post about her and you'd try so hard to please her and i feel no effort whatsoever. Yeahh you do nice things to me and tell me nice things and make me feel special, and maybe you're just over the whole internet thing and i get that, but WHY do i feel like this? I don't know, i don't understand i go through your history 2 years ago and there's she is all over your blog and you say all these cute things about her and then i go to your blog now and there's absolutely nothing about me, nothing. You dated her for 9 months, this saturday will be our 10 month anniversary,why do i still feel like you're in love with your ex? Is it because i'm so fucking insecure?


someone please give me advice, i need to know whether i'm wrong or right, or i'm fucked in the head.

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