Don't Shoot

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well blah.

I love you in all ways there can be. I love you with all the scars you hide underneath those jeans. I'll continue to love you when your eyes are filled up with tears and when you have no where to hide. I'll guide you to the moon to light up that dark path you're walking through. I'll still love you when you're broken and when you no longer want to keep fighting, i'll hold your hand and guide you through. I love the way you try to be happy and act like everything is ok just for my well being, but i no longer need the help, now i need to help you. I love you will all the emptyness you hold in your heart for i will try my best to fill up those gaps with flowers and love.

I have loved you from the start, and my love will never fade away. Because without you my side, oh i'll never live life the way i wanted you. I trust you, even though you're holding a gun against my heart and any minute you can pull the triger, i still trust you.

You hold the gun in this love of ours, shoot and i'll be gone.

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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