opened eyes and closed minds

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ok so i was thinking of cuddling with my boyfriend and so this came out of my mind.

Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



Take me where the wind blows

take me to a place where i don't know anybody.


open my eyes to new possibilities.

I'll open my mind just for you.

Wash away the pain i once had,

kiss me where i'm hurt.


I want you to explore my mind

tell whether i'm a little crazy

or not

Take away those awful dreams.


Plant pretty flowers in my heart

tell me you love me when you mean it

touch me slowly

whisper in my ear

take away the pain

and soothe me with your loving voice.


Once it's three in the morning

kiss me and tell me you can't sleep.

tell me i'm the only who who can make things better.

i'll kiss you back and tell you,"i'm here."


Fill me up with your warmth

lay so close to me that i can hear

your heart beat.

wrap your legs around me.


There's is a hole in my heart

keep telling me you love me and it'll

slowly start closing up




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