a note to women in love

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this is not really poetry. i couldn't find an "essay" or "notes" tab. just a little anger expressed, and a notice that most women should read at one point or another in their lives to make them realize the error of their ways.

Submitted: February 17, 2008

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Submitted: February 17, 2008



a post to my journal. thought maybe the women here should see it too. in fact, every woman probably needs to read this at some point or another in her life. and, just as a side note, i am not one of those anti-valentine's day people. i dont think its created by greeting card companies and ect., and if it was, i dont care. i think its about love, and caring, and is a very special day during which you get a chance to make it up to those you love and dont tell often enough. i also believe that it is what you make of it, and have had many bad ones and one or two amazing ones.

In honor of the dreaded day

so, dear livejournal, i return to your hallowed pages this year so close to the time of lovers, kisses, candy, and little teddy bears to say this: FUCK YOU, RELATIONSHIPS. now, we all know that i am a bitter, whiney, needy, dried up, pissed off, untrusting, anti-men, anti-relationships BITCH. this has already been established. and we all knew i'd have something or another to say about love during the time of cupid and his cronies-- whether it be wanting a love of my own, jealousy of those around me, fake strength and some spew about how i dont need it, or a pissy rant about men in general. any way you look at it, it was going to be unpleasant. now, though this paritcular problem i am having may well fall into any of those categories (except the fake acceptance), it is first and formost a slap to all those women in my life and everywhere that are whipped. whether it be because they feel trapped in a relationship due to marriage, living conditions, children, and ect.-- or because they love these men (for whatever reason) so much that they have gone quietly into the night voluntarily, it is ALL BULLSHIT. where is your pride? where are all the promises you made to yourself and those women around you who loved and supported you before this man, and during problems with this man, and in spite of this man?

the all important question is: WHY IS THE PENIS ALL-IMPORTANT?

what is this horse-shit? you should all be ashamed of yourselves, and i am ashamed of myself, since i was, at one time, a member of your ranks and i know it. the catering to, the pandering, the bowing down, the pleading, the settling, the betrayal to and disappointing of loyal friends, and the replacement of those same friends-- quite honestly it all makes me sick. why is he more important than those who have stuck with you through everything that women put their friends through?

is it the sex? is an animal act really that important? because i've never found any sexual experience i've encountered to be in any way better than a girls night out or a good gab-and-a-movie session. maybe i just haven't had great sex. but really, besides the heterosexual experience, what does any man have for any women that her best friends, daughters, mother, or sisters do not?

so if you will be one of those females this valentine's day (or any day of the year) who will let your boyfriend/fiance/husband walk all over your friends, take their well-earned place as dearest in your heart, treat them poorly, or coerce you to do so i say FUCK YOU. it is no one's fault but yours that you allow these things to happen to those you once said you'd die for, those who you said mean the world to you. you cannot blame society, upbrining, the media, peer pressure, or the man himself for the things that are happening to the women you love-- you are doing it to them. grow a pair (just like that bastard you are so fucking fond of) and stand up to him for your rights and theirs. he is not the be-all and end-all-- you and your girls were fine before him, and youll be fine after him. if he cannot respect you and your wishes-- and your FRIENDS', then he doesn't deserve you. and if you cant respect those of your first loves, your best friends, then you dont deserve them!

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