Written on the first day I quit smoking.

Deep inside lies a monster to rear its ugly head to bite at me, to gnaw my flesh, to keep me under lock and key. This is the monster I have not fought, yet welcomed as a brother home from war, every morning choosing its torture for the day. I have laid down my honor, laid down my power with open arms.
Yet today, as the sun rose, I slowly glanced around me where I lay. There was my power, there was my honor! With quick hands I grasped them up, clenching in fists tightly to my chest and quickening heart. Looking up with fresh eyes into the monsters,  face I stood to it. When it would open its mouth and bare teeth to bite, my own hand struck out!
Against air my own hand flew, not realizing my eyes had closed until they broke open in surprise!, What is this trickery of mine, this monster I have lived with gone?
My own self, the dark defeated by the light.

Submitted: November 15, 2009

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