Nightmare Hour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Keep your friends closer and your enemies even closer. Leave nothing to chance and everything to actions...Let your nightmares run wild...Welcome to the world where nothing is what it seems and everything...Is disturbing. Keep the lights on, you'll be glad you did.
~Emerald Skye Writing as Cyanide Infection.

Do you believe in ghosts Adam?

Yes...I do.

Do you want to see a haunting?

Yes, Yes!

Go to this address, every night the same action occurs, it is a very peculiar action...You shouldn't miss it.

I would die before I would...

A muted whimper, a whisper of skin shifting against leather bonds. The sedated male lay on his back on the silk sheets of the Queen sized bed. He was naked, spread eagle,wrists held by leather bonds that attached from chains to the headboard. His ankles suffered the same restrained situation as his wrists. He was a young man, somewhat between the ages of 23 and 25, with a messy shock of blonde hair and pale, beautiful skin that stretched tautly over his beautiful body.

The bedroom door opened, bringing with it the brief rush of....Was that music? Yes...Yes...It closed and the room was thrown into silence again. The man's eyes opened slightly, the blue orbs were unfocused and dilated, effected by the drug that had been pumped into his system and was now slowly fading out. Two figures approached the foot of the bed, they must've come in when the door had opened and quickly closed.

One was small, delicate and obviously female. She was a wild red head, with unruly curls that coiled over her face and shoulders. The other was a man, taller, darker, much more leaner. Her perfect counterpart, like darkness and fire.

"Hm..." The women murmured, reaching onto the bed and feathering her fingers over the smooth flesh of his thigh and then to his half erect cock. His body responded in a primal way, hardening instantly to the feel of her satin like fingers running over it.

"Ahh..." She cooed softly, a grin lighting up her features. The man beside her walked away briefly, heading to a side table. Various objects lay on the meatl surface, and none of them were actually very reassuring. A small piece of cloth housed a mallet, a bone saw, a syringe filled with a amber colored liquid, a roll of twine, chains, whips, tiny razors, a dagger, a ball gag, and finally a strange, sort of can opening object, which was rounded, with various knobs sticking out the side of it and a hollow indenture in the center. He picked up the least imposing object there, a tiny goose feather and a roll of twine. He passed them to the female with a small smile on his sensual lips.

"Oh goodie," The women took the father between her fingers and running the feathery edges along his cock. The man groaned, shuddering in the aftermath of shocking pleasure and lust. The flesh between his legs rose up hard and hot. The flat head flushing a beautiful plum red as blood rushed down to it, the main vein throbbing in reaction. The captive man had closed his eyes, but now he slitted them open and stared at the woman at the foot of the bed, her hand holding the father lightly between her thumb and forefinger. His cheeks flushed red in dazed arousal, beads of sweat popping out on his brow.

Quite suddenly the dark haired man leaned down and wrapped a length of twine around the base of the captive mans cock, the man on the bed moaned and jerked, the chains rattling as he struggled breifly for a moment. The woman grabbed her partners arm and tugged his hand towards her breast. The man smiled and his fingers curled around the plump mound of her breast, his other hand gripping her hair and pulling her in for a kiss.

They shed clothes quickly, her dress and his suit flying across the room, they landed on the bed, her back against the sheets, her neck against her captive's thigh, his erection straining upward proudly. The male leaned over her, watching as she turned her head and ran her pink, wet tongue over the hot shaft of his penis. The captive cried out in pleasure, hands fisting around the chains that held him. The male grinned and the girl sat up, slowly shimmying over the captive.

The girl crouched over the captive, her hand reaching down to steady his cock as she slowly, painfully slowly lowered her wet, dripping pussy onto his cock. She slid down, taking him all the way down and then started to ride him very slowly, ragged moans escaping them both.

"A-Amy...C-Clyde..." The captive whimpered, finally adjusting enough to the situation to recognize both of his captives.

Amy smiled, "Yes Brent?" She purred, speeding up her gyrations on his penis, the wet, suckling sounds of her pussy muscles contracting on him echoing through the mostly quiet room except for his whimpers and moans.

Clyde simply sat back, his hand reaching for a terry cloth that was wrapped around a object. He watched Brent jump on the bed and jerk, his hips churning upward into the warm wet recesses of her body. The moment before Brent reached orgasm, Amy moved off of him, his semen spurting onto her smooth pale back and running stickily down her thighs. Though he had just climaxed, the twine wrapped around the base of his cock did not allow the blood inside of his penis to leave.

Clyde smiled, pulling the terry cloth apart and revealing some seemingly, sharp claw-like gloves. Amy stood apart from the bed, the temperture in the room seemed to spike up quickly, growing tense as Clyde slipped the gloves onto his hands and grinned at Brent.

He leaned over and thumbed Brent's nipples, a uncomfortable expression coming over Brent's face before Clyde slapped his palms onto the bed and raked his claws all the way down his chest, over his stomach and stopping right next to his cock.

Brent screamed, the sound only cut off as Amy moved, having picked up the circular object from the table and shoved it into his mouth. Brent jerked in surprise, but Amy locked the device into place and turned a knob, holding his jaws open wide.

Now Brents eyes were flickering from side to side, real, mortal fear in them. Clyde removed the clawed gloves and tossed them away, coming next to Brent and using a pair of tweezers to pull his tongue taut. Amy secured his tongue and then reached for one of the daggers she'd set on the bed, in a second and a flick of the wrist later, Clyde held Brent's tongue in his hand and blood was gushing from Brent's open gaping mouth.

Garbled screams escaped him, muffled by blood and saliva, and made illegible by the fact that his tongue was missing. Clyde then dropped Brent's tongue on a nearby tray and wiped his hands cleaned with his white shirt. Brent struggled against the chains, but to no use, he only succeeded in chafting his wrists and causing them to bleed.

Next, Clyde gave Brent a creepy little smile, a insane and lustful light entering his eyes before he reached into Brent's mouth with the tweezers and pulled out Brent's teeth, one by one. Each tooth was dropped in the tray along with Tyler's tongue. Blood welled in his throat and streamed down his cheeks and chin, staining the silk sheets that he lay against.

Clyde's cock had hardened considerably, it was long, and heavily viened, the thick shaft practically pulsing with the amount of blood rushing to it. Carefully, like a lover would do to his beloved, he turned Brent's head to the side, released the circular gag-like object, and shoved his cock into his blood slicked, toothless mouth.

Brent screamed, gagged and pleaded for mercy. Amy simply laughed and sharpened the bone saw, Clyde fucked Brent's face silly, blood coating the hard flesh, running down his balls and over his legs to drip slowly onto the floor.

Amy smirked and picked up Brent''s still hard cock, though it was very obvious he was in considerable pain and suffering, and ran the edge of the bone saw along his cock, Brent cried out and begged with garbled whimpers for her to stop or at least move away, but Amy simply licked the flushed head and them proceeded to saw off his penis.

The pain was so extreme that Brent lost conciousness, but it was too brief and he came too just as Clyde was slipping onto his body and aimed his cock at the new hole in his body. He struggled, but Clyde thrust forward, his cock shoving his intestines into his stomach and so forth. Clyde shuddered in pleasure, each thrust forcing Brent's insides into his throat. Quite literally, he was fucked to death, a strange cracking sound showing that his ribs were cracking, and garbled screams and coughing showed the he was slowly suffocating to death.

With a loud cry, Clyde orgasmed and his cock twitched as semen spurted from the tip and filled up Brent's insides. He slowly pulled free and his semen welled up inside the hole, overflowing and running along Brent's hips.

Amy hugged Clyde's blood soaked chest and they both stood there staring...Until they turned and looked at me, smiles sharp and eyes sadistic.

"How long do we wait?" Clyde asked her and she grinned, "Tonight. We'll try something new...How's that impaler we got from England?"

Clyde laughed, "Just peachy."

They left me in the room with the corpse. Me tied to a chair in the corner, in few view of the scence, and him, now lifeless. I struggled in the chair, the chains rattling, and only succeeded in tipping the chair and landing on my side. I stared at the dead mans engraved suitcase.

Brent Tylers

Paranormal Investigator.

Softly, I started to cry...

Submitted: April 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Emerald Skye. All rights reserved.

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xD Your endings are brilliance.

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