When Roxy finds out there is a new guy in school, she has no idea her world is about to be blown into pieces.
Jared Abelardo: mysterious, over confident, and absolutely gorgeous.
To Roxy, he is just an idiot. Irritating, infuriating, brimming with self confidence, thought the world of himself...
And yet, she can't understand why, but something about him that just puts her on edge...
By the time she could figure out was it was, it was too late. Was the charming serial heart breaker going to settle down, or persist in his lack of respect, commitment, and emotional involvement?

Table of Contents

Sparkling daydream

New guy in school. Hot, mysterious, and beautiful.
And yet, Roxie finds him extremely annoying. She can't understand why, but there's something about him that just puts her on edge... Read Chapter


“ ROXX PHONE!!” my brother yelled at me from downstairs. And it was Kristen. Obviously. Like we didn't spend every hour th... Read Chapter


“Roxy-” A voice sounded behind me, urgent and loud despite the rush of voices and students around us. I moved forward regardless. ... Read Chapter

The walk home

I was walking home, still in my PE outfit, humming to myself as I made my way through Oxford's winding streets and shops with their glitz... Read Chapter


“Sisssssyy “ My 18 year old brother ran upstairs and wrenched the door out of his way. Smiling like a maniac who'd just found out... Read Chapter

Jared meets Lilly-Anne

“Rox-” I turned around instinctively, shivering as the cold morning air hit my face. Lilly turned around out of curiosity, and I he... Read Chapter


“Roxy I was only saying- ” “Kristen. I do NOT like him. And why in hell did you tell her that?!!” I sighed . “ I told he... Read Chapter

The next afternoon

“Jared!! ” He was walking away into the distance. How did things get so out of hand? Ok, I know how. But still... “JARED” I ... Read Chapter

Luke's attempt to help

“Sissy go get the door!!! “Luke liked to think of me as his baby sister. Which is why he seemed to think calling me sissy was a good ... Read Chapter

Lilly- Anne and Kristen find out...

“You what??” Kristen stared at me in bewilderment. “Oh god what am I going to do ?????????” I buried my head in my pillow. ... Read Chapter

Shop 'til you drop

“Roxy chouchou what's wrong?” There was no point in lying when she could read me like a book. “I sawJared today” “And??... Read Chapter

The Waiting

“Rox darling you will look amazing. Now stop fidgeting or I will slap you.” Lilly-Anne and Kristen busied themselves about my per... Read Chapter

The party - The fight

Ding Dong. I shifted impatiently, playing with my fingers as my nerves got the better of me. Oh God, what if HE answers?? Would I... Read Chapter

The party- The cooling off

You belong with me - Taylor Swift's voice blasted through the only noise that could be heard for metres around the bench where I ... Read Chapter

The party- What happened next

We came to a halt. The room was brightly decorated, and fairly large. For the house. Well for any room. There were various pictures scatt... Read Chapter

The party- Breakup

I walked over to the Tv screen ( flat screen just like i'd predicted). It had to be bigger than 36 inches. There was a massive dvd rack o... Read Chapter

The party- What is going on?

He turned me sideways on his lap so that I was facing the opposite side to the window, my head resting against his right arm, my legs fol... Read Chapter

The party-Jared's sisters

“JARED!” A girl who looked about 4 screamed and wrapped herself around Jared's leg. “Mel, darling what's up?” Jared looked do... Read Chapter

The party-Evening continues

“Roxy I really am sorry about all that, they just had a massive fight this morning about something stupid and since then it's been cut-... Read Chapter

The party-Emmeline

So Jared's bathroom was massive. Had I expected any different? It was kinda weird, but his having a massive house made sense to me. ... Read Chapter

The party- Friends?

It was like i'd lost track of time. One minute she was there, next minute we were alone and Jared was sitting on the bed next to me. He w... Read Chapter

The next morning

Jared pulled me across his chest so that I had my arms loosely around his neck, and was lying against him. I could feel my whole body... Read Chapter

And then...

“Roxy, babe what happened?” Kristen could just tell.. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. “Nothing happened.” Yeah ... Read Chapter


Monday mornings. They're the worse. Especially when your two best friends couldn't walk to school with you because they were both having ... Read Chapter


“Roxy, hey. ” Jared broke away from his group of friends carrying his lunch tray. “Do you mind if I sit with you guys?” Ok he... Read Chapter

How things changed

A/N: Hey everyone!! I just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting, i really appreciate it and  your lovely support is ... Read Chapter

Madison And Jared

Once it was absolutely clear that they weren't intending on talking to a teacher or anything relatively normal, I felt my curiosity dragg... Read Chapter

The cooling down

I was sitting on a bench about 50 metres away from my house, tears still streaming down my face, my whole world crumbling in front of me.... Read Chapter

Jared's room


The breakdown


What broke her up

N/A: SOOO SOOO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN AGESSS :( I gripped his face firmly between my hands, and brushed my lips against his. I ki... Read Chapter

Mel's at the door

“Ok seriously, I am going to kill him!! He'll be EXTREMELY LUCKY if I leave it at chopping his balls into tiny pieces and feed them to ... Read Chapter

Alex Peterson

Three weeks later. “ROXY!!!” My head turned almost involuntarily. It was Alex. Alex Peterson. Jared's best friend. Pretty h... Read Chapter

The pathetic attempt

N/A: Hellooo to the people that are reading this, I just wanted to say that my paragraphing problems are over (WOOP) ... Read Chapter

Friday night

Friday “Roxy??? You ok?” Alex was watching me, concerned. So, I'd seen Jared and Madison hanging around outside. It had been th... Read Chapter

The stranger in the dark

N/A:Hellooo lovlieees, an extra long chapter awaits! Hope you like it! So, I had no idea what to think. About Alex. We weren't going ... Read Chapter

What ensued

So, I was lying on top of Jared. Not exactly the best place to be, in his current condition. Ok, that may have made him sound like someon... Read Chapter


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He was looking at me intently as he said the words. Watching my reaction closely. As If he really cared what I was about to say. Or t... Read Chapter


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Ring Ring...

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What is going on. No really.

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