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This is a collection of a few of the songs i have written. Some are dark and some are less dark.

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012



You will never understand:

I'm a lonely man
Left here without a plan
With no hope left
I turn to the one person i know best
The only person that ever mattered to me
But when i turn to her for help
She just laughs at me
She just laughs at me
I used to think that there was something called love
But now i see
There is only life and death
And there is no love for me
I was put here alone
But i was meant for more
She was meant for me
But she could never see
What she meant to me


freedom is the thing i love
peace is the thing i crave
war is the thing i have
hope is the thing that never will die
it may be harmed by the lies we tell
but it will never send us to hell
it will guide us to the promised land
it will show the path that we must take to make it to the promised land
god sits by us all the time
he guides us towards the light
he helps in our fight
god will lead us to the promised land
but we must be ever vigilant
for the devils agents are at the end of every road
theuy will say that hope is dead
they will say that god has forsaken us
but know in your hearts that god is right beside you
he will protect you from the devil
he will show you the way to the promised land
you must simply follow his plan

I don't deserve:

why do you push me
i dont need your help
you fail to see
what i can be
that is why i will never need you
you say you love me
but you dont understand what you see
im a bad person
i dont deserve you
you continue nursing
me back to your society
but when i break
i will hurt you
i dont want to hurt you
i will drown in my lake
this lake of sorrow and misery
like a snowflake
you are unique
i love you but you dont see me for what i am
i am a bad person
you dont understand
I dont want to hurt you
but when i break
i wont be able to stop myself
run away while you still can

Im Invisible:

I am invisible to your dreams
You will never give a damn
You will never hear my screams
There is no-one by my side
I'm all alone for the ride
I'm not the first you left behind
I was left behind trapped inside of your mind
You will never know who I really am
I will always dream of you
I will try in vain
to rid myself of all the pain
Until you see
what i truly am
we will never be
until you give a damn
I will never stop
Like a rain drop
i will fall
until you know it all
You will never hear my screams
you will never know my pain
Unil the day you finally see

God will show the way:

If you are lost
then god shall find you
he does not come without a cost
he wont tell you what to do
he will only guide you on your path
you can seek comfort in his teachings
listen close to his preachings
and you will find yourself in gods strath
when i believe in god
i fear not the cold embrace of death
i will never be alone when im under gods broad embrace
i take comfort in every breath
knowing that god is right beside me
guiding me along the bumpy ride known as life
with god guiding me i see so much
i will not have a strife with my fellow man
i will preach the word of my god far and wide
i will confide in god
the secrets i hold
and i will seek his guidance as to what i should do
but i always know that no matter where i go
god walks beside me though i may not see him


I used to fear my mortality

I used to wish for Immortality

but then I saw the light

I chose to do whats right

but now i'm all alone

no one walks my path

I will die alone

the world will suffer my wrath

I used to fear my mortality

but now i see

the benefits of my mortality

I have no fears

I have no regrets

can you say the same

can you live with your shame

I used to fear my mortality

but now I understand

how overrated immortality is

and its not for me

I will die alone


You have always stood by my side

you were always my friend

we had one hell of a ride

you were loyal until the very end

you will not be forgotten

you will be avenged

I will kill them all

the ones who mocked

the ones who laughed

the ones who didn't give a damn

they will suffer for all eternity

you will not be forgotten

your memory remains in my mind

you left me behind

to keep your memory alive

they will fall

they will die

they will never lie again

until my vengence is complete

nothing will block my path

i will not be beaten

they will suffer my wrath

They will feel my vengence

and know my pain

© Copyright 2017 EMERENTIUS. All rights reserved.

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