The room with no exit (working one)

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A short Gothic Horror story about someone who goes to a house to deliver a package

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012




I waited for the phone to ring, hoping someone would call the number. I was sure that I had written it on the advertisement that I had posted on the window in the post office. Who wouldn’t want a 1950s vintage radio I thought to myself. To my surprise the phone started to ring, I gripped the handle and pulled it up to my ear. ‘Hello?’ I said with a smile appearing on my face.

‘Of course! What’s the address? I willingly replied.

‘Yep, I’ll be there very soon. Bye!’ I put the phone down and immediately put the radio into my rucksack which already was full of random objects I had collected over the years. I put on my boots and my jacket, picked up my keys and walked outside my house locking the door behind me. I unlocked my car and climbed in, it was quite small, old and the windows were dirty. Making sure I had everything I tapped the address into the navigator and began to drive.


It took me over 35 minutes to arrive at the destination the navigator had told me, yet it was just a field. I was confused but then again I thought to myself them things don’t always work. I decided to drive around until I saw someone to ask or maybe I would see the house.I came across a large wall overgrown with weeds and cracks. I followed the wall until I came to a large black gate, it was the only thing that seemed to not be broken or uncared for. I stopped my car and got out, closing the door behind me. I walked over to the gate.  Looking through the bars, I could see a house, it was a large house a lot bigger that I had imagined. I could see trees and a pond yet I had this feeling that I shouldn’t go in. I remembered my rucksack with the radio in it was in the car. I turned around and walked to the car. I opened the door, grabbed the over packed rucksack, I threw it over my shoulder and closed the door. ‘What in god’s name!’ I screamed. The gate which only one moment ago I was standing staring at had suddenly changed. It was much like everything else, it had become old, overgrown and now matched with its surroundings. I was confused I must have been seeing things.


I gave the gate one push and it swung open. I looked at the floor then I walked in passed the gate. A gush of wind blew in my direction startling me. I calmly straightened my hair and jacket and carried on walking. The path was just like the walls, cracked and overgrown. ‘How could anyone live here? Its looks like it’s been abandoned for years.’ I asked myself.  I caught a glimpse of the house from a distance but it looked different from when I saw it behind the gate. I walked over and stepped up the stairs. As I did I ran my finger along the uneven wooden bar which was attached to a wall next to the steps. The bar ended and I stopped as in front of me was the front door to the house. It was huge and it looked to be made of oak. There were small cracks in the corners and a large scary like dragon door knocker stuck right in the middle. I took my hand out my pocket and grabbed the knockers handle. As I touched it, it sent a spin tingling feeling through my body. I banged it against the door several times but there was no answer. I continued hoping someone would answer. I let go of the handle, wiped the sweat of my face then slowly turned around and started walking back down the steps. I felt another gush of wind hit me but it was different from before and it was coming from behind me.


I turned around and the door was open. ‘Hello? Is someone there?’ I asked. There was no reply. I walked over to the door, I peered in but all I could see was darkness. I remembered I had matches in my rucksack. I took my rucksack off my shoulder and rummaged through it until I found the matches. ‘Well that’s great. What good are four matches going to do?’ I moaned to myself. I took a match and held it in my hand as I started to walk in. I swiped the match along the side of the box. The match memorised my eyes as the flames danced, then before I knew it the match somehow blew its self out. I was in darkness again. I took out the second match this time as I lit it I looked for candles. There was a table which had candles standing on it. I rushed over and lit as many as I could before the match ran out. An uneasy orange glow covered the entire hall but I could now see. There were portraits hanging on the walls yet they didn’t look recent, they looked very old and the people in the pictures were wearing gowns and frocks with sad expressions on their faces. Cobwebs covered the walls and dust filled my lungs. There was a large chandelier hanging on the celling in the middle of the room and furniture was scattered all around. Yet everything looked in bad condition and I felt if I sat on the chairs they would break into a million pieces.

 I heard what I thought was music yet I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I looked at the table with the candles on it and tried to find the longest one. I grabbed the best one I could find and began walking through doors trying to find where the music I hear was. Each room was the same as the last old and badly treated. I couldn’t hear the music anymore, I began wondering if it was all in my head. I turned my head and saw a room. The door was open, there was light and I could hear the music again. The wax from the candle I was holding started to melt into my hands. ‘Ouchhhhh!’ I yelled. I dropped the candle and the light went out. I looked behind me and all I could see was darkness again. I knew I had to walk towards the room.  

I slowly walked forward, every step made a loud creak. The closer I got to the door the less of the room I could see, it was like it was trying to pull me in. The music I had heard suddenly got louder yet it sounded like someone was singing along with it. ‘Hello, is anyone in there?’ I mumbled. There was no answer but I could still hear singing. So I decided to go in. The room smelt damp and the walls were covered with mould, it was nearly empty expect from a wardrobe and a rocking chair. There were marks on the floor from when furniture once stood but it looked like that had been a long time ago. I walked over to the wardrobe. It was large and the wood was chipping off the corners, it looked like it was going to fall through the floors. I leaned over and placed my ear against the wardrobe door. I could hear singing and it sounded like a young girl. ‘Hello, is there someone in the wardrobe?’ I asked. There was no answer. I reached out and held the wardrobe door handle, it felt cold and looked like it wasn’t meant to be on the wardrobe. I slowly turned it and I looked through the small open gap. There was light, it wasn’t very bright but it poured the wardrobe and covered the room.  I turned around and I realised I was in a children’s room. There were two shelves in either corner of the room and they had piles of teddy bears and toys stacked up on them. I could see a lonely rocking horse sitting underneath a pile of books which were also on a small shelf. I started to wonder if maybe there child that lived in this room was in that wardrobe. I turned around and faced the wardrobe once again and opened the door. I saw a young girl she only looked about 10. She had a white dress on but it was stained with mud and something else but I couldn’t quite tell. Her hair was black and went down to her waist and she had little shiny black shoes on but I couldn’t see her face.

 ‘Hello, are you the one who called me? I tried to ask politely.

‘No. That was my father and he is not in here.’ The girl mumbled.

‘Oh, do you know where I can find him then?

‘Last time I checked he was in the room with the red door.’ She replied.

‘The red door?’ I questioned.

‘Yes. Go downstairs, turn right, follow the hallway and the last room you come to he is in there. Which is where the red door is but I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.’ She said with a quiet voice.

‘Well, thanks for helping me.’ I slowly closed the door and I could hear her singing again.


I felt optimistic about finally knowing where the person who ordered my radio was. Then reality struck when I realised I was in darkness again. I stood still trying to think of something to do. I remembered all the candles where lit down stairs in the main hall so all I had to do was to get back there. I started to wonder room by room hoping I would start to see any type of light but there was only darkness. I stopped still in my tracks. At the end of the hallway was door, just one door. I walked over to it and looked around, it sounds much like what the girl had told me but then I thought wasn’t it meant to be downstairs? I could feel a cold draft coming from under the door and also light. Without a hesitation I pulled open the door. Air hit me right in the face and pushed me back. I pulled myself forward closing the door behind me. The air disappeared and I realised I was standing on steps. I started walking down. The steps looked old and unstable, I felt uneasy as if I was going to fall and break a bone. Step after step and I wasn’t any closer, I felt the steps would never end. I saw light again but it was a red light. The closer I got to the light the brighter it became. I could feel my heart beating out my chest. I felt sick but didn’t stop walking down.

‘Snap’ a step cracked in two and I went rolling down the stairs until I got to flat ground. I woke up. ‘Wh, wh, what happened?’ I rubbed my head and slowly stood up. I pulled up my arm and looked at the watch on my arm. It was 2am in the morning I must have been asleep for a while, I thought to myself. I looked at the floor.

‘Arggg. I’ve had enough.’ I screamed.

My radio was lying on the floor smashed into hundreds of pieces, I felt like giving up. I stopped silent for a moment.  I could see newspaper clippings stuck to all the walls. I walked over to one it read; ‘Innocent child murders family.’ Another said ‘Murdered by your own daughter.’ I fell on my knees.

‘I remember this house. It’s the one from the newspapers! I’m in a murders house!’ I screeched. I looked around the room there were no windows or furniture just the new paper clippings. My heart sank. I stood up and slowly walked over to it, the red door. It was large, made of metal and painted red. I was scared, I started shaking. I ran to the stairs. They were broken and I knew I had no way of getting up them. I walked back over to the red door and faced it. I reached out for the handle and held it, my heart started beating out of control.

‘Here goes nothing.’ I cried.

I tried to pull the door open, it was heavy and made a horrible creaking noise. I stood behind the door and peered in. It was dark but I could see a small candle and someone sitting on the floor from a distance. My hands were sweating and my eyes were twitching, I felt a feeling of being terrified I’d never felt before. I walked forward yelling ‘What do you want? Let me leave!’ I realised I had walked in. I turned around and ran to the door, quicker than the speed of light the red door shut. I banged on it several times then went to grab the door handle.

‘No!!!!!! Let me out, let me out!’ I screamed. There was no handle, no exit and no escape. I continued banging the door hoping someone would hear me. I stopped I could hear that uneasy singing I had heard upstairs. I wiped the tears of my eyes and slowly turned around. The little girl who was in the wardrobe was standing right in front of me, this time I could see her face she was smiling but still looked sad

‘I warned you not to come in here!’ She muttered.

Then she pulled something out of her pocket and before I could even react she stabbed me right in the chest. I fell to the ground, I watched her slowly walk away into the darkness holding the knife. Then everything went black…….


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