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when things are calm do you worry?

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



 Forecast .The calm The storm and the calm, Why is this?  Have you ever sat around enjoying an average day when all of the sudden the wind dies, the sun shines, and the birds chirp, is just pleasing to the eyes.  This occurrence often is scary and we tend to wonder,ok what now what’s coming? the first thing you do is to look, if not run to the television, look online  or just try to find something or somebody to tell us what is coming if anything. You search for a type of forecast. Once you realize that a storm is coming ,you try to take cover.  As the storm beats and wears down on our surrounding, you wait with faith that it will soon  be over wondering how much damage it has caused.  The winds die down the sun comes out and you slowly but carefully emerge with caution almost in slow motion.  The sound of silence screams into your ears saying its over it’s over. It’s going to be ok. You regroup, clean up and are now stronger mentally. So that next time the calm comes instead of running for a forecast you run for shelter. We sit around in life at times hypnotized by what is called routine when all of a sudden we see a change in our view of life. We can’t really distinguish what it is or what it means  but we sit around and do nothing about it thinking that it will change  expecting  things to get better by themselves . They don’t,  and before you know it reality strikes you, the storm beats you, wears on you and disturbs everything around you changing your view of life in a dramatic way for ever.  As our personal storm dies out we are very cautious traumatized by the sudden impact , and  the shock that it has caused.  But then SILENCE, We think, examine, and just sit back and try to take it all in! Finally Its over we softly  exclaim. What now! Can we correct the damage the storm has caused !! YES, But it takes time. Can we be as blind NEVER , we will be more sensitive to change and maybe prepare better or even get away from the path of the storm. The calm before and after the storm is a teaching tool! its calm so we can listen, before the storm so that we can prepare ,and after so that we can regroup and analyze our way of life and learn to appreciate those things that we often overlook, and help us detect when we are being  Hypnotized by Routine.

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