Paralyzed and Recovery

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a writing explaining why get get paralysed when we are denied or rejected

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



Why is it that our mind is not at rest until we have shit figured out, why is it that our surroundings gives us

clues but we dont rest until we have a confirmation! Why is it that we are mentally paralyzed when we

know or think we know. The human is a being that feeds on acceptance, thruth and honesty, these three

things make up our world... We might know some answers but if we feel like others are honest, we feel

Accepted, because for someone to be honest with you that means that they want to gain your trust. Now

when someone is not honest, we feel paralyzed, how? Like a spinal cord injury severs the nerves and

Immobilizes half you body maybe more, part of us shuts down and an s much as our brain wants to move

the body won’t respond... The same thing with the three values that our life is based on. If one of those is

injured the others might not respond. Can u be honest if you dont trust? Can you trust if you are not

honest? And can you feel accepted if u dont trust? And can you trust those that dont feel accepted? You

see if any of these things are injured it is very hard for the others to function properly...therefore it takes

a lot of physical therapy and exercise to gain back mobility, and functionality- can it be done? Yes! There

are those that overcome injury and learn to live a whole new life, WITH an injury, at times crippled in a

Wheel chair for the rest of their lives. But forever scarred with the reminder of what could have been only

if my spinal cord wasn’t injured.........can this be overcome? There are rare cases out there where one

would make a full recovery! But most likely they depend on a materialistic support which is the wheelchair

because they can no longer carry themselves around the same way they used to . therefore having to

learn and develop new areas of the body to help them get around....a whole new life like being born again

and literally learning how to walk again in a new way!!!!!

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