The Architect

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A story of inspiration, a true experience. I always wondered why i am the way i am and this story depicts why

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



When I was a child I wanted to be an architect, why maybe because I watched my dad work for many years creating different things with his hands, taking time to make sure it was right regardless of the time it took and who it was for. This man put so much effort into his work and the cool thing about it was that he enjoyed every minute of it. The look on his face as I remember it now was very rewarding. I remember being a little boy and he took me with him to work. It was a house for a friend of his or it could have been family Im not sure. But that day, he showed me how to use a circular saw for the first time..In my mind I dint want to cut my fingers off but with a smile on his face he encouraged me to do it with the faith of the world. Just by looking at his face I knew I could do it. As years went by I worked more and more with him and I liked it! I wanted to be just like him. (Still do!!) I decided to take on his trade in school, Carpentry!! I loved the fact of creating something out of nothing to see something become. Did I learn all my manual skills from him? Yeah maybe but there is something that I take from my father that cannot be teached or studied and that’s will power and passion for what I do believing in something that is not there in front of you but that someday or somehow will.. Do I still want to be an architect no.. because I consider myself one , taught by the best of the best, an architect at heart building and drawing complex ideas in my mind which have to do with being real with yourself others and most off all god. Have I failed? Yes I have drawn up parts of my life that haven’t been successful! But if there is no pain there is no gain. Back to the drawing board to make the next design sustain the upmost of forces so that in the future it won’t fail…thanks Dad…..

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