The journey of a wine Barrel

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This is short story that describes the process of transformation explaining how somethings are not always meant to end up for what they were created for

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



I was once molded piece by piece and strapped together to form a watertight vessel. I was then transferred into a large dark place where I was filled with goodness, as I aged my insides became mature, and very unique. I reached a point when I was removed from this large place and was blinded by a bright light which I hardly ever seen before. One day I found myself without direction and without any control I was taken by the strong pull of my surroundings. As I was being taken I rolled over and did as many moves as I could to manipulate the force but the pull was to strong, I was beaten, and kicked by those that dint have a clue of the circumstances but had their guard up, the pull was stronger and stronger and all of a sudden silence ………I felt like the life was coming out of me as I felt I was dropping without control and no sense of what was going on around me…All of a sudden CRASH I hit bottom, stumbled, turned and cracked but I never sank ..As I emerged the cloud of smoke around me was so great that It felt thick and fluid, but in a calm I was still being pulled, finally the journey was over... I was picked up by a caring stranger that seem something in me different than what I was, and brought me to a place where I was remolded and rebuilt to be used as a tool for people around me to discuss their thoughts and rest on me when they needed to relax….I was once built for one thing but ended up as another…I’m still a barrel..Just re adjusted for a different purpose


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