The taste of me

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The way I felt at time of my life where life felt bitter

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



As I inhale in the supply of life it taste like long green juicy jalapeño peppers, as I consume the life it irritates my vision to the point that everything is so blurry. I walk but I can’t see!  I try to feel around but my nerves are too numb; I try to hear but everything is so loud!  I stand still and make desperate attempts to clear my way! As I breathe in with a deeper breath it only hurts even more. I run in despair but I fall on my face. I ask for help but I can't speak to explain, my sorrow, my pain, my mistake! I walk in circles bouncing off like a pinball in an endless game - misfortune knocks at my door, knocking it off the hinges, rushes in and attacks like an angry lion at a helpless prey!  The noise is so loud!  I'm so blind that I can't defend my self, I run but I can hide, I can't see, I can't survive.  I stand still pretending to be dead to see if this ruthless attack withdraws from my domain. Quiet it is! The bloody clothe drips like a leaf with morning dew but dries up as an ugly stain; sour is the taste in my mouth dripping saliva off the side because I'm numb. As I lay I look up and I ponder, I exhale while the breath still stings from the taste of the long green juicy jalapeño pepper that blistered my ways! I am allergic to a source that's supposed to feed yet it brings me pain!

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