Tangled Up in Blue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

"I wrote this for you, Keegan," Blue whispers. "It's your song. It will always be your song. No matter what happens."

And then he starts singing.

I lay back and close my eyes. The song washes over me, full of sadness and longing, but at the same time packed with sweetness.

It's about a love that can never be extinguished.

And Blue's voice envelopes every word, sometimes with a harsh, gravelly edge, and other times making the lyrics smooth and satiny.

It's amazing, what that boy can do with a song...

Keegan and Blue. Their college love affair is intense. It's passionate and exhilarating. And it's complicated.

She is driven and ambitious, determined to make her mark on the world as a journalist. He is a battle-scarred Army veteran, passionate about his music and desperate for a fresh start.

But Blue has a deep, dark secret. And when what's been hidden in the shadows explodes into the light, Keegan will have to make a life-changing choice.

Will she throw away her future for Blue? Will he sacrifice his freedom for her? Will their love be enough to save each other?

Table of Contents

A Boy Named Blue

Keegan I pull up to my new home and see some shirtless guy sprawled on the front porch. He's lying on his stomach, wearing only j... Read Chapter

Party House

Keegan The living room floor squeaks with each step I take into the house, and my flip flops stick to the boards. We cross the ro... Read Chapter


Blue Keegan almost drops her dentures—as my mother would say—when she sees Hunter and whoever the bleached blonde is sprawled bar... Read Chapter

On the Roof

Keegan I step through the open window of my bedroom after dark, clutching my phone in one hand, my journal in the other.  Th... Read Chapter

Blue to the Rescue

Blue I went to bed early. I really need a decent night's sleep. But half an hour later, I'm still staring up at the ceiling, swea... Read Chapter


Keegan Shirtless and with a guitar slung over his shoulder, Blue scrambles up the tree like frickin' Romeo climbing the balcony for J... Read Chapter

Bad Dream

Keegan I didn't set the alarm on my phone before I went to bed. I almost never need an alarm in the morning. I'm usually awake before... Read Chapter

Coffee Break

Keegan Sunlight forces my eyes open, and for a second, I again don't know where I am. Then I grab my phone in a panic. It's nine ... Read Chapter

The Sweet Spot

Blue The Sweet Spot hits the sweet spot as a band about 10 p.m.  After a couple hours playing a random set designed to pleas... Read Chapter