The Ghost Girl of Pleasant Lake

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fem-Fan-Sci-Fi

Don't drink and drown.

It all began when I did something stupid. Well, I did several things that were stupid.

You see, I climbed to the top of jump off point and dived into the cold waters of Pleasant Lake 25 feet below. I was drunk at the time.

This all happened after a long day of partying with several of my friends from school. So after several beers, followed by a couple of Vodka shots, and a bunch of double dares, my friend Brad led me up the rocky cliff and I watched as he jumped over the edge first, broke the surface, then popped right back up hollering for me to join him. As did all my friends, who were now lined up along the lake shore far below. So I took a deep breath and jumped. I felt weightless for a second before beginning the long fall. It actually felt exhilarating until I hit the water.

Damn that hurt!!

As I felt the breath knocked out of me and found myself about ten feet below the lake’s murky surface. Now I didn’t tell you my final act of stupidity. I can’t swim.

Funny thing is, I didn’t sink. I just kind of floated motionless for awhile before floating back up to the surface. I mean, I didn’t even try to swim. Didn’t kick my legs or move my arms at all. I just floated up.

Soon I broke the surface and heard my friends shouting my name from the shore. I raised my hand to acknowledge their cheers, but they just kept shouting my name. Shouting and pointing. Pointing at what, I hadn’t the slightest idea.

So I started to kick my legs and move my arms and “swim” towards them.

At first I didn’t notice but when I got closer none of my friends seemed to see me approaching. They just kept shouting and pointing. Pointing to the spot where I had dived in. Then John and Taylor waded into the lake and started to swim right past me.

“Hey guys!! What’s up?!” I called out but they swam on. Then I suddenly realized that maybe Brad was in trouble. So I stopped and threaded water to look back to see. But I saw Brad break the surface then dive back down immediately. It was like they were searching for something and they sure seemed panicky.

I continued on and eventually waded ashore. I stood for awhile to watch in order to see what was going on. Brad and John and Taylor just kept diving down then coming back up before diving down again.

I started to head over to where Jackie and Stephanie stood. As I got closer I could see they were both crying and I started to get scared myself because I knew something had happened but I didn’t yet know what.

“Guys, what’s going on?”

They didn’t answer.

“Jackie! Steph! What’s wrong?!”

Still no answer. They both just continued to stare out where the guys were diving. I had had enough of being ignored and reached out to grab a hold of Stephanie’s arm.

“What’s wrong with you two?! Tell me what’s going on!”

Then the strangest thing happened. My hand went right through Stephanie’s arm. I mean it was like I was reaching through air. All of a sudden I heard Taylor call out.

“We’ve got her!!”

Now, I’m not the brightest bulb around (I am a natural blonde you understand) but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out something very weird was happening. Then it got even weirder when I saw the boys bring something up to the surface and start to head to shore. As they got closer I could see it was a body.

The body of a girl with blonde hair. A girl in a pink bikini. Just like the pink bikini I had on and….!!!

Oh my God!!! I heard myself think. No way. No freaking way!!

But, it was way! Because the body they were pulling out of the lake was mine.

Meanwhile, some other people I didn’t know came running up. One had a cell phone and was calling 911.

“Yeah, I’m over on the west side of the lake. We have a drowning. Female. Sixteen. Seventeen years of age…”

I’m sixteen.

….she apparently dived off Jump Off point. She’s being brought ashore. Get an ambulance over here…now!!”

The rest of my memory of the incident was very blurry. Shock I guess had set in. I do remember walking over to where they had laid me down and looking at my face. I did look pretty peaceful. It was like I was asleep. I guess I didn’t suffer. Wait! Of course, I didn’t suffer. Because I’m still alive!

I mean, this must be some kind of joke. Or maybe they just found a girl who had drowned that just looked like me. (Yeah, what are the odds of that happening?) Or maybe this is all a dream. Yeah, that’s what this is… a dream. I’m going to wake up at any second. And I’ll have a laugh, as I tell all the guys what I dreamed and how real it all seemed. Yeah. I’ll wake up at any moment.

Wake up. C’mon. Wake up. Wake up! WAKE UP!!! FOR GOD’S SAKE, WAKE UP!!!!!

But I didn’t wake up. And I tried to talk to Jackie and Stephanie and Brad and John and Taylor and tell them I’m okay. That I’m still right here. But they didn’t answer me. I tried to reach out and hug them, but they slipped right through my grasp. So all I could do was just wander around and watch.

Watched as the paramedics showed up. Watched as my body was placed into a plastic bag. Watched as they loaded me up on a stretcher. Watched as they placed me in the back of the ambulance. Watched as the ambulance pulled away. Listened as my friends described to the police what had happened.

And when its was all over and the curious crowds dispersed, I watched as my friends loaded up all of their stuff and drove off leaving me behind.

So this is what it's like to be dead. No heaven with angels and harps. Just me, all by myself out at the lake. Maybe I’m in hell. My personal hell.

Either way I’m stuck here. So I wander around a lot. What else can I do? Time stands still for me, while moving on for others, I guess.

Stephanie and Brad came back one time and stood by me on the shoreline.

They threw a wreath of very pretty roses into the water and said how much they missed me and loved me and may I rest in peace. They cried and I cried. I told them how much I loved and missed them too. Along with my mom and dad and brother and sister. Of course they didn’t hear me.

Although Steph shivered when I reached out and tried to touch her shoulder.

“I think she’s still with us,” she remarked to Brad.

“You bet I am!!” I answered, as I sadly watched them turn to leave.

I never saw any of them again. It’s okay. I understand. They’ve got their lives to live.

So I wander around the lakeshore. Over time, plenty of other people have come to Pleasant Lake to fish, swim, drink and party. I sometimes sit in the distance and watch them. Sometimes I enter their camp and sit alongside them by the fire. And I talk to them but of course they can’t see me or hear me. Sometimes one of them gets a sudden chill, or think they saw something.

“Hey, maybe it’s that ghost girl!” Someone sometimes says.

“If I ever saw her I’d really freak out!” Someone else says.

“She’d definitely scare me!” Still another would add.

But don’t freak out, because I don’t mean to scare you. I’m just some stupid girl who once did some stupid things a long, long time ago.

Yeah, I’m the Ghost Girl of Pleasant Lake. And I’m so lonely.

Submitted: January 23, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Emily Duile. All rights reserved.

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Evelina Duile

First off your summary: "Don't drink and Drown!" is hilarious. This starts out with a lot of humor, especially where she's listing the stupid things she's done, then after she's already dived into the lake, she tells us her final act of stupidity is that she can't swim!! Then it turns kind of scary for her then very frustrating as she slowly discovers she's dead. Then there is a sadness that ends with her sort of accepting her fate but she is now so lonely. Great story, Emily!! I'm so very proud of you!!

Fri, January 23rd, 2015 7:19am


Thanks, Eve! I knew you'd like the humor!

Fri, January 23rd, 2015 12:57pm


The ending was so sad, I actually got a shiver down my spine too. watching people come and go, especially family and friends and not have them notice you certainly is a living hell. One stupid mistake. But that's all it takes. Even though I have a different view of what happens when we die, you had me convinced yours was real throughout the entire story which made the whole experience even sadder. Like Evie said above (Hey Evie!) The humour at the start was hilarious! I guess they don't call having a few drinks "Dutch courage" for nothing :/ The stupid things we do when we're young. "Don't drink and drown." Even though it sounds funny, you have a very valid point, even though your main character didn't even know how to swim. And it all happened so quickly too :/ Writing talent certainly runs in the family Emily. This unfortunate tale was so well written and thought out. there was some food for thought there too. Great job! A perfect blend of comedy and drama. I can't wait to read more of your stories ")

Tue, January 27th, 2015 7:19am


Thank you so much! It would be so terrible not to be able to talk to or touch your family and friends and they don't know you're there. That would be Hell for me. I've never heard of the term "Dutch Courage" before, but I know what you mean. Thank you again so much for your support and great comments.

Tue, January 27th, 2015 5:30pm


Typical teenagers drink and do stupid things, not remembering they cant swim in the first place. Once she notices she is a ghost, she kinda has an epiphany, a divine reason for staying there, reminiscing over the stupid things she did, and trying to put it right by trying to tell others to be responsible.
Well written with lots of thought and sympathy for the girl, with a message that many teenagers should takr note of.

Wed, January 28th, 2015 7:55pm


I'm happy that the message was clear. Thank you so much for your nice comments.

Tue, February 3rd, 2015 4:54pm


Great great great story. Very sad and I really wish it would be a dream of the girl. Still love it.

Would love to read more stories of yours.

Thu, February 5th, 2015 6:21am


Thank you so very much!

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 7:26pm


Wah, this was scary. I think you have a natural aptitude for writing, seriously!
*whispers* it was of a much higher standard than most of the stuff I find on here...
XD nah but seriously, let me know if you write any more short stories like this. I was... captivated. Especially since I'm a sixteen year old boy,and this could easily have been me :)

Tue, February 17th, 2015 7:54pm


Thank you very much!

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 7:29pm

Jayant R

Good story emily, i like sad part most, When she was alone and trying to immerge into the people, but fate cant let her.
Good job.

Mon, February 23rd, 2015 1:16pm


Oh my god, so sad. Love how you wrote it. The ending was really nice, but so sad. :P. Keep up the good work.

Mon, February 23rd, 2015 6:26pm


well written. really attractive towards the end. good work

Fri, February 27th, 2015 2:05am

Ashlyn Heart

I actually found the ending of this so upsetting... Good story. It conveyed emotions really well.

Tue, July 7th, 2015 4:47pm

Amanda Stein

Quite the nightmare not being able to connect with anyone ever again and cursed to roam forever. You conveyed the loneliness and desperation of this poor girl excellently. Great story.

Thu, March 10th, 2016 8:40am

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