Little Miss Healthy

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A short story i had to write in SCOPE, for children about healthy eating (:
based on mr men and little miss.

Submitted: May 24, 2009

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Submitted: May 24, 2009



One Wednesday morning, Miss Healthy awoke rather earlier than usual. She’d been dreaming about a big, fat, juicy, apple which was as red as blood.

So miss healthy got up, went downstairs, and opened the fridge, there she found a truly scrumptious red apple, just like the one she had been dreaming about. For her breakfast, Miss Healthy ate the truly scrumptious apple which was washed down with a glass of sugar free, pure orange juice.

Instead of getting the bus to school like she normally did, Miss Healthy decided to walk, it would only take 15 minutes to get there, there’s no harm in that she thought.

As she packed her bag, she decided she’d take a homemade lunch with her, to stop her from giving into all those burgers and chips etc. She packed, a Wholemeal cucumber and tomato sandwich, ANOTHER truly scrumptious red apple and a low fat yoghurt. She also made sure she has a small bottle of sugar free, pure orange juice, to drink throughout the day, she would have at least 3 portions of fruit today, seeing as orange juice counts as 1 portion too.

On her way to school, Miss Healthy bumped into her best friend, Mr Greedy. As usual he was eating prawn cocktail crisps and was washing them down with a can of coca-cola. “Typical” Miss healthy thought, “ if I can stop eating and drinking unhealthy stuff then so can he!”. She watched Mr Greedy as he gulped his way through another can of coke and munching his way through, now, some jelly babies.

“Mr Greedy” Miss Healthy said wearily, “ if you eat too much of that crap, you do know it could effect your body in a lot of ways, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, anything!”. Mr Greedy just looked at her rather puzzled and as he blasted this expression, he pulled out another can of coca-cola and guzzled it down. Miss Healthy sighed.

By the time break time came, Miss healthy had started to become quite peckish so decided to go to the canteen to see what they had. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Pizza’s, Chips, Southern fried chicken, and finally some Carrot sticks. Miss Healthy looked at the lady who was standing behind the counter,

“ could I have 10 carrot sticks please miss?” she asked politely. The lady looked at her, very unsure, and put 10 carrot sticks into a bag and gave them to Miss Healthy.

As soon as the whistle went, Miss Healthy scurried off to her next lesson, SCOPE. They were learning about healthy foods and healthy eating, so Miss Healthy took this as an opportunity to spread her views amongst this subject. She told her class how once she used to be like them, always eating junk food, foods high in sugar, high in fat, but how she had changed that, how she now eats really healthily, not too much fat and sugary foods as a treat once a week. Everyone seemed amazed at this story.

At lunch time, Miss Healthy sat down and ate her lunch then went to the sports field where a cross country competition was being held. Miss Healthy had never really been a good runner, she always came last, (and when I say last, I mean last)but today, she had a spring of energy which boosted her to really want to run this lap. So off she went, sprinting as fast as she could. She found it difficult at first, but as soon as the finishing line came into view, she was off, sprinting like a cheetah. YESS!! She had come, not last, but 2nd!

At the end of the day, Miss Healthy walked slowly home. “WOW, what a day” she thought pleasantly.

When she got home, Miss Healthy, got her steamed Tuna out of the fridge along with some salad and some freshly boiled potatoes. There she sat and ate her delicious, but also healthy dinner, along with a desert of a Chocolate Sundae, which was her treat for the week. She Polished this down with yet another glass of Sugar free, Pure Orange juice.

Everyday after that, Miss Healthy never took any notice of kids that were eating sugary, fatty, junk food, all that mattered to her was keeping fit.

After her view was spread across her scope class, many people had taken a leaf out of Miss Healthy’s book. Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.

An Apple a Day Keeps the doctor away.

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