Into the Woods

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This is a collection of my poetry that I wrote throughout last year. Please read and review!
Sorry about the weird formatting! I am so not a computer person!

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Table of Contents

1. Always

2. Resounding Silence

3. A Dancer’s Thoughts

4. Into the Woods

5. Child of Innocence, Child of Knowledge

6. The Companions

7. He’s My Boy

8. Untitled

9. T he Columbia Arts Center


Cold outside
But sunny also.
Happy music
But feelings of longing.
Smiles and laughter
A sense of failure
And discouragement
Light outside
Dark inside
Singing at the top of my voice.
Crying with the whole of my heart.
Wanting a U-turn
But scared to try.
Wanting to fly
But scared to drive.
Always holding back,
Covering up my tracks,
Keeping a solid bubble, a wall
All around me.
Wanting to get outside
Into the world
But need directions.
The war within me.

Resounding Silence

Amidst the noise.

In the middle of life

I find beautiful silence.

When I close my eyes to sleep,

When I step away from the crowd,

When I dance with boys the first few times.

Silence resounds in all of these.

I treasure silence

The beautiful silence.


Amidst trials and pain

In singing and in laughter.

When I tell my stories from the day,

When I am inspired by something,

When I look at all the things around me.

Silence resounds in all of these.


A Dancer’s Thoughts

Turn on, get moving,
Clap your hands, turn around,
Triple step, triple step, step.
Sway, leap, boogey.
Just dance, dance like nobody’s looking
It’s just you, the music, and your imagination.
Take over
The floor, the music.
Out of control
Faster and faster
Until the whole world is spinning
Grab a friend

Into the Woods

Into the woods
Enter my mind
See my world the way I see it.
Into the woods
Experience my life
See the world the way I see it.
Come, please
Into my woods
Where I think and dream
Where I put away my secrets
Where I store my dreams
Where I think
Where I live.
If only you could come
Walk in my shoes
Talk to my heart
Know my thoughts
And see through my eyes
Into the woods
Of me.

Child of Innocence, Child of Knowledge

“Remember Me

When the children leave their Sunday schools with smiles

Remember Me

When their old enough to teach,

Old enough to preach,

Old enough to leave.”


She came to Sunday school

With a smile, full of joy.

Befriended all, won my heart.

She had seen many things

Innocence with knowledge.

What happens when I drop a pen?

Will it fall or fly?

What happens when things go wrong?

Will she fall or fly?

Innocence with knowledge.

What happens when I turn the light switch off?

Will the lights go off or stay on?

What happens when hope seems lost?

Will her light shine or die?

Innocence with knowledge.

What happens when I tickle someone?

Will they laugh or cry?

What happens when the world spins with her?

Will she laugh with it, or cry?

“Age to age, and heart to heart

bound by grace and peace.

Child of wonder, child of God

I’ve remembered you

Remember Me.”

Child of Innocence.

Child of Knowledge.

The Companions
Poetry inspired by The Lord of the Rings
Nine companions
Going out to save the world
Some old friends with danger
Some new to the world’s wicked ways.
Eight companions
Fleeing from evil
Into a place of wonder
Weeping for the loss of a friend.
Seven companions
Fighting together
Another felled
Giving up his life for his friends.
Two, two and three.
The first pair on a journey to the center of evil
The second pair trying to make their way through
The trio avenging the deaths and searching for the second.
Eight companions
Changed, wise, and brave
Heroes all
Eight beings stronger than evil
A light in their world.
Eight heroes all.
My Boy
He’s my boy,
Several years younger than I
I haven’t known him for even a year;
Only since last spring.
He’s my boy,
We’re not related in anyway
We’re only friends
Crazy as can be.
He’s my boy,
I befriended him,
He was in my class.
I encouraged him,
He was holding the curtain.
I talked and laughed with him,
He was on tech too.
I watched him grow
He got on cast,
He went and danced.
I cheered him on.
He’s my boy.
We struggled through the crowd,
Just to hug each other
Waiting, excitedly,
As we drew closer and closer.
He’s my boy,
I feel like his big sister
We get along well.
From the beginning,
That blonde hair boy
Charmed me entirely,
He’s growing up
Too fast.
My boy.

Where the sea meets the sky,
Where the bird flies high
That’s where I’ll be.
In that place between sleep and awake
Where you still remember dreaming
That’s where you’ll find me.
Where the rain hits the ground,
Where the sun makes things grow.
Where the sea meets the sky
There, I will always be.

The Columbia Arts Center

The Columbia Arts Center
An old church.
The first home to C.Y.T. Vancouver.
Tall, wide, magnificent.

Crystal stairs, made of aged wood, stained carpets, and sometimes mushrooms.

Glorious tapestries of spider webs and circus posters

In downtown Vancouver.

A tall and graceful tower, and old thing it was.

Chandeliers of dying light bulbs.
Great gardens surrounding it,
A pear tree, bushes, and grass.

We were Cinderella in glass slippers and gowns,

And it was our castle.
Dressed in hand-made costumes,
Spending our days, sometimes past midnight
Working hard to put together a show.

The special connection we had with that place,

Though it poured inside, nearly every time it rained,

Was extraordinary.

Everything held with special importance that happened there

Was emotional.

It was our home, and thus our hearts were there

And will forever be
Remembering the Columbia Arts Center.
But the windows of the building,
Were its soul,
Truly awesome stained-glass windows
Colorful stories,
That will always remain
In our hearts.

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