Jacob's Journal Entry 2 - The Relationship

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As noted before, Jacob is a character of mine, along with the woman he is talking about. Her name is Entesi. (Not his mother, the other one.) If you want to learn more about them, please check out my DeviantART. http://e-dragon-suru.deviantart.com

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



"I must resist. I must resist." I told myself this often. But I could not.

My relationship with her grew fairly quickly. Some might say a bit too quickly. But she was so kind. I felt so proud to be her Protector. And she definitely rewarded me for a good job.

She often did little things for me. Even though I told her I did not deserve them. She took me to some wonderful places, bought me some sketching materials and a lot more. She slowly became more affectionate towards me, and I started liking her more also.

Eventually, we started getting quite close. She would often just sit in my lap while we talked, snuggling up to me. For a person who had no body heat, it was nice to feel her warm body against me. Then, the kisses. Oh gosh. She would kiss me a lot. Her lips were so soft. Uh...

After a while, I could not take it. Something changed in me. Every time we did something affectionate towards each other, I felt... odd. Not in a bad way. My face would always brighten. (I have no idea how, I do not have blood.) My body would start trembling. It was an extremely confusing time for me. When she found out how I felt, she reacted a lot differently to what I expected. She started telling me about something. Urges, I think she said? It made more sense at the time.

Since I died as a child, I had no sexual experience. Apparently she did though. I felt awkward telling her when she was explaining. Mother told me a bit, but that kind of topic was seen as bad back in my times. But I was thankful I eventually got to know more. Especially once I got closer to that beautiful woman I protected.

She had even more experience than I thought. I felt bad for barely doing anything. But wow. What an experience. I did not know this would even be possible as a ghost.

Since then, urges. Way too often. And it got harder and harder to resist. I eventually would give up. I still do.

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