Let Me Heal You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a script involving two of my most popular characters; Entesi and Jacob. Want more info on them? Go to my DeviantART page and search them up: http://e-dragon-suru.deviantart.com/

WARNING: Sexual content and nudity.

This was written very quickly as a practice, so I apologise if it doesn't make much sense. I recommend you look for them in my DeviantART gallery to get an idea of them.

Submitted: April 28, 2014

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Submitted: April 28, 2014



~Jacob walks into Entesi’s room to go and talk to her~

Entesi: *is laying down on her bed sobbing quietly*

Jacob: *walks over to Entesi and rests his hand on her back* Oh dear… What is up, sweetheart?

Entesi: *rolls over onto her back to face Jacob* I… I was attacked again…

Jacob: Oh you poor thing. Can I help you in any way?

Entesi: Just a hug will do, thank you.

Jacob: Okay darling. *climbs onto the bed and grabs Entesi, hugging her gently*

Entesi: Thank yo-- *whines in pain*

Jacob: Oh, I am sorry. I should have realised you would be injured… Would it be okay if I… look at your scars?

Entesi: Yeah, that’s fine. There’s one big one on my neck. *moves her shirt down to show her bare, pale neck, which has a large scar on the side*

Jacob: *slides a finger softly down her neck, right beside her scar* That looks painful. *pouts then moves his hand to her thigh* Anywhere else?

Entesi: Not many. There are a few on my hips and chest, but they really hurt…

Jacob: Oh okay.

~they both pause for about a minute~

Entesi: Y-you can look at them too if you like.

Jacob: Thank you. *slides his hands slowly up Entesi's shirt, purposely feeling her soft skin. He blushes brightly as he removes her shirt but keeps on her bra*

Entesi: The scars there are pretty big too...

Jacob: *rubs his hands gently over her injured spots then pulls away* Oh, you are still bleeding... Did you want me to, um... *blushes even more* ...clean it for you?~

Entesi: Yes please, thank you sweetie.

~Jacob rests his hands on her shoulders as he slides down the bed slightly. He gently starts licking at one of her wounds with his large tongue~

Entesi: Oh. *blushes also* I wasn't expecting that...

Jacob: *pulls back and licks his lips, purposely leaving her blood on them* Did you want me to stop?

Entesi: *grabs Jacob's head gently* No, don't stop, it was... oddly helping~

Jacob: Okay... *whimpers lightly as he begins gently licking her again, his grip tightening on her shoulders*

Entesi: Oh my... You're really enjoying that, aren't you?

Jacob: *pulls back yet again* Being a ghost, and I do not bleed, I crave the taste and smell of mortal human blood...

Entesi: Oh, well, enjoy yourself then~

Jacob: *moans lightly* I already am~ *slides his hands slowly down her shaky body, and rests his hands carefully on her injured hips* There are other wounds I need to tend to as well~

Entesi: *whimpers lightly and holds onto Jacob's arms gently* Please, go aheaaad~

Jacob: *quickly moves his hands to his own body to remove his shirt, then moves them to the hook part of Entesi's bra* I also crave your lovely warm body against me~

Entesi: Well you do feel quite cold... I better warm you up then, hey?~

Jacob: Oh yes please~ *undoes the hooks on Entesi's bra and removes it completely, revealing her large breasts* Oh my goodness~

Entesi: *moves Jacob's hands to rest on her breasts* They're even better when you get to feel them rather than just looking. *chuckles*

Jacob: They are really lovely~ *grins*

~after a few seconds, Jacob carefully lays Entesi down on the bed and he climbs on top of her. He lays on top of her for a few minutes, soaking in her warmth and licking her neck again~

Entesi: There are still those scars on my hips for you to enjoy. And something else is there for you too~

Jacob: Well I better go and do something~ *licks Entesi's cheek, leaving blood dripping down her face, and he moves down to rests his hands on her thighs* Oh, there is something in my way. *grins at Entesi and slowly slides her pants off, then blushes bright red* Y-you are not wearing any underwear~

Entesi: Well, as a little saying of mine goes; "Clothes just get in the way~" *winks*

Jacob: I guess I better take my pants off then~ *does as said, removes his pants and grins at Entesi*

Entesi: *blushes also* W...wow... I didn't realise how big you are. Even when you have an erection with your pants on, I never thought you'd be this size... 

Jacob: Well maybe I can use it later after cleaning your wounds~ *moves his head to her hips and licks her scar, but a bit rougher than other times, and moans through his nose*

Entesi: Ugh I give uuup~ *gently kicks Jacob's legs and he falls, his head landing on her groin. She grabs him by the sides and pulls him up to meet her face* I'm guessing you'd enjoy pain too, so here. *gently bites his neck*

Jacob: *twitches and whimpers* H--harder. Please, harder.

Entesi: *bites deeply into his skin, leaving a mark and making him call out in pleasure*

~Entesi goes to bite him again, but the two are interrupted by a loud noise outside~

Entesi: *sighs* Looks like we have to go and deal with stuff again...

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