My First Single

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The in-depth situations of my life--just a few.

Submitted: April 18, 2011

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Submitted: April 18, 2011



Everybody has their own struggle to go over rise above, defeat the enemy that pulls down on my feet going down under the water, drowning in my own pain, my own tears, I hear the fire brigade they see no fire call me a liar push me farther away my hand reaches out for help I yelp and cry I am gonna die save me please can’t you hear me scream?
Is someone out there?
Please come to me it is my time of need I cant see through my soul any longer thought I was stronger and I aint. He’s gone, he left me standing here in the dark
In the pouring rain make me suffer through this hell this time I’ve taken it rather well
Into my own hands. 
Hold me down keep me from seeing my eyes my face
My skin bleeding I saw to quick I saw no soul
Nobody told me, I didn’t know! I had to have my
Best girl tell me straight up the terrible truth
Now I realize the subtle reality
I curl up on the floor, and fall away from the
Door. The light goes out and I wake up…
It’s morning again.

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