The Best Tips for a Good Relationship!

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Some GOOD advice on how to help your relationships, for girls AND guys!

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




Well, you’re dating some guy, and he’s so cute. You know he has a heart. But you know every time that no matter what you do, you just know you both won’t stay together long, but why? Here is some help for you, personally from me.

Any guy would rather have respect than love, as where a girl would rather be loved than respected, and that’s why I assume girls let themselves be abused by their partner in abusive relationships. Girls – he’s always hearing about you. What you did, where you went, and why. But you rarely ask him if he is okay, or if he wishes to talk.

We as girls don’t usually see our boyfriends as our boyfriends, to be honest. After a while, it becomes just a person to talk to, but there isn’t the flirtatious ways that there once was. But, this next secret is the biggest key to ANY relationship.

A sexual relationship with the one you like WILL RUIN IT. As soon as that ice is broken, that is what most of the relationship turns into, and rarely do you have things the same as before. Ever notice how you talked and laughed about everything until you “did that one thing” and now you don’t anymore? Stay abstinent, no matter how much he begs. If he’s truly worth it, he WILL wait for you.

Don’t complain about your problems to him. It isn’t that he doesn’t care, because he does. But he has his own drama & stress to worry about, and you shouldn’t add onto that. Also, don’t try to stop him from his hobbies. So he’s a gamer? Or he’s a hunter and you don’t like it? Doesn’t matter, that is NOT your place to stop him. He doesn’t tell you to stop shopping, or brushing your hair, so don’t stop him from what he does.


She’s smart, funny; her smile is the sun’s shine. You don’t want to mess up talking to her, but you know she HAS to be yours. As soon as you start dating, you mess around, and before you know it, your relationship has gone downhill. What happened??

Just because a girl would rather have love than respect does NOT mean disrespect her. Once she is your girlfriend, she relies on you to make her smile, just like you did when you first got together. You don’t realize it, but she smiles when you text her, and she dreams of you. She can’t wait to marry you someday. But if you continue to treat her like she’s not your star anymore, she’ll become a very miserable woman.

After you have been seeing her for a while, you don’t really think of her as your “GF” much, but you know she’s there. She sends you cute messages from her heart, as if she was happy, but on the inside she’s dying, desperate to get your attention like she used to. You don’t usually notice when she gets her hair done, or when she buys new clothes. And when you do, you don’t point it out, but her whole purpose of changing her looks was so you’d notice, and still find her attractive.

She doesn’t want you to want her only sexually. Even if she is the one to push it on, it is most likely because she is so used to being used, and she knows a guy will want that. Also, a girl does NOT want to be just a “FWB.” When she asks if you want to hang out, it does NOT mean she wants sex. She just wants to know you, or hang.

DO NOT assume she wants to be your girlfriend if she wants to hang out. A girl can be just friends with a guy. If you think she’s cute, tell her! She would love to hear that. But if she isn’t interested, don’t push her. Lastly, she is just a girl, so just be nice. Time will show you the answer.

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